Channel 4 to make history by showing an erect penis on UK TV


Artist Ajamu X photographed and spoke to eight men as part of a documentary that will explore men and their relationship to their bodies. (Channel 4)

British broadcaster Channel 4 is set to make history by showing Nigel Farage, wait, sorry, we mean an erect penis on terrestrial television for the first time.

In a show that will no doubt have its ups and downs, the upcoming documentary Me & My Penis will explore the changing landscape of how men think about sex in relation to their masculinity and their body.

British artist Ajamu X will, according to the Independent, photograph and talk to a range of men about their penises, which Channel 4 bosses described as “a gateway through which to explore all sorts of aspects of masculinity”.

While current broadcaster regulations stonewall airing an erect penis in a sexual context, a source told The Sun that the show’s producers bend around the rules by framing it in an “entirely artistic context”.

Anyway, you absolutely bet pretty much every human being with a Twitter account cracked the same joke about this upcoming page in the history books.

Me & My Penis will show a ‘range of penises and erection’, says Channel 4 boss. 

The programme and, indeed, an erect penis, will be coming onto your TV set at 10pm on Monday (31 August).

There will be, Channel 4 heads were at pains to say, “a range of penises and erections”, as men discuss how they go about having a penis. Stories of infidelity, sexual abuse and violence will be told, they said.

One of the eight men involved is a former police officer who is unable to drive vehicles without becoming aroused. Another, a trans man, outlines his grievances about undergoing puberty before transitioning.

Me & My Penis was described by the programme’s executive producer, Susanne Curran, as a vehicle to discuss what the multiplicity of what it means to be a man today and the ways in which these notions shape not only society but individuals, too.

“It’s been exhilarating working with Ajamu and a brilliant cast of courageous and honest men, prepared to share their most formative and intimate experiences – so often not heard,” she said.

“And to capture their shared desire to change how men are defined.”

Shaminder Nahal, commissioning editor at Channel 4, said: “In this funny and moving film, the penis becomes a gateway through which to explore all sorts of aspects of masculinity.”

She added that the show will portray the men involved as exploring “deep, often hidden, feelings in their photography sessions – and start a conversation about our bodies and ourselves.”


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