28 Comments on “Chapter 1 | Stonewall Uprising | American Experience | PBS”

  1. Police raids were well orchestrated events, politically motivated and self righteous. Adults socializing at night…..yep sounds like true crime there. Let’s scare The Cleavers out of their wits.


  3. Out of ignorance, bigotry, and greed the LGBTQ+ Community rose in a great victory to take their rightful place in society. The Stonewall Rebellion … what an inspiring story!

  4. LMAOO! Those old propaganda videos and their commentary. So it was okay to smoke in front of your children because that was normal when now is a crime..

  5. There still is reparative therapy that works on gay men. They would marry women, father children and live a normal happy life style. Nothing wrong with it.

  6. The path to Hell is long and Wide… & the path to heaven will be short and narrow!!!! Being guy is a BIG SIN……… Do we need to go back 50yrs? Because we didn’t allow that to go on…. Read the book behold the pale white horse. The government created HIV to kill off guys people…

  7. Stonewall didn't start anything. San Francisco in particular led the charge for Gay Rights. When Stonewall occurred, the New York press gave it national coverage: and thereafter, led by San Francisco, the varied and disparate efforts coalesced to form the modern Gay Rights movement. San Francisco has been at the vanguard of the movement, while New York has been largely absent. The New York press is trying to hijack history and recast New York in the role that San Francisco actually played in the struggle for Gay Rights. Undeserved and Stolen Valor!!!

  8. Funny how the psychiatrist says: "Homosexuality isn't able to form a loving relationship."

    Like if heterosexual social norms and options were there and available for homosexuals: like marriage, public display of affection, tolerance, okay to be who you are.

    They're the one that drove homosexuality underground and secretive: that was the real reason of the AIDS pandemic of the 1980s.

  9. The State of Pride is just like it was when it began, a devils perverted agenda, a mockery of GOD and a ONE WAY TICKET STR8 TO THE PITS OF HELL FOR ETERNITY. I empathize and pray for your lost souls, I do not sympathize on a choice.

    You already have every right that any US citizen does. What you don't have is the non-opinionated voice of the citizens who are not GAY… that is all that you are lacking. So stop with the LIE we are fighting for our rights, anything else you are fighting for is " Special " group rights. You are a citizen or you are not…. END OF DISCUSSION WITH YOUR LEFTIST TALKING POINTS AND demonic agenda for the DEVIL HIMSELF… THE TRUTH HURTS BUT I TRULY DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS, I CARE ABOUT YOUR SOUL…

  10. Homophobes cannot be reasoned with. You cannot reason someone whose beliefs are not grounded in reason. Violence is the only way to cure the pestilence that is bigotry and free the world from hate.

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