42 Comments on “Cher Returns: Talking New Album, LGBT Rights, Pink & Gaga”

  1. I love Cher and am interested in what she says, but the ADHD nature of the production on this video is infuriating.  Whoever decided it should be that way should be fired (AKA producers)!

  2. I know this sounds like a odd comment, but for a lady nearing 70, her physical looks aside, she is very quick, witty and intelligent, maybe its ageism creeping in my mind but I just assumed when you get to that age you became slow, apparently not the case, you go Mz. Cher.

  3. Age is just a number, what does it have to do with being beautiful, talented, well spoken and able to think and express oneself clearly and reflectively? People always want to focus on age, which is very short sighted and narrow minded. I saw Cher live when she did her Dressed to Kill Tour, and she was even more kick ass, drop dead gorgeous and dazzling than when she first started in the business! Once she is gone, no one will ever have the relevance and staying power that Cher has always had!

  4. Yeah, we know….. To bad the CD bombed. I am a huge fan and didn't buy "Closer to the truth". Reminded me of dated 90's music. You should have teamed up with Daf punk and tried of alternative rock. Dance rock is popular now. Madonna made the same mistake with her last CD. She should have gone back to Nile Rodgers who produced her very first CD with "Holiday" "Border line" and all her early hits. I did like "Take it like a man'. That would have been a great song to perform on "Dancing with the stars" or "The Voice". The slow Miley Cyrus song was super boring. Bad choice for making the final cut of "Closer to the truth'. The CD cover was a copycat to Britney Spears "Fem fatale" . Not sure why your people did not point that out to you. 'Fem fatale" was a huge hit for Britney.

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