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  1. The "gay" agenda is not under attack because the Father doesn't want anyone to have "fun". He created the heaven and earth. It belongs to Him. He rules and super-rules. No…He wants us to obey the rules because they keep us safe. Safe from what you ask? Safe from the evil and the consequences of it.

  2. Gay people should never be allowed to marry and they should never be allowed to adopt a child. For gay people, like fashion, having a child is like having the latest gadget – they're a toy – that's why gay people are willing to risk a child being bought up in an environment that is intentionally unbalanced. As a gay man myself, even I recognise that marriage is about the birth of a child. A child has a right to a mother and a father. I say to this wonderful woman, you are courageous for speaking about the rights of a child and that gay couples should not be allowed to adopt.


  4. Children shouldn't fit into parents LIFESTYLE? good luck with that one… my neighbors drag their kids to Hate Church every Sunday. They have no choice. Now they run around filled with hate. I have nothing but pity for the children and have been the target of their Ultra-morality crap when they mistook me for a democrat that wants to kill babies. But their church wants to drop bombs on babies. The child has no choice but to grow up in insanity and as a neighbor, all we can do is watch.

  5. Ever been to an orphanage , group home or foster home. The foster parents are in it for the ? money. And right here in Bristol TN the pastors family at Emmanuel Baptist Church took in an orphan and made a complete slave of her. They each got 65 years but the whole congregation treated the girl like shit. They started to prosecute some church members. A female detective discovered it , or it would still be happening. lol it up on YouTube. Was lady abused by the lesbians? That's the question. We can't allow her experience dn opinions to keep children unloved in orphanages and foster profit centers.

  6. I can't feel I dislike gay people I have met many lovely people who are gay I just think it is a disorder of the mind What I don't like is calling it marriage it is not marriage just say a civil union don't belittle my marriage or any one else's

  7. Instead to look for the best for the child who has the right to have a father/mother figure, today the idea is to fit in the gay family structure, in disregard of the child needs. Very Sad!!

  8. In 20 to 30 years, all of these problems, along with most social ills, will no longer exist, everything will be absorbed into a new super high tech "reality", where "families" will become a thing of the past, no one will have actual sex or relationships, replaced by perceived superior "virtual" versions of every aspect of human interaction…..the Matrix and the Borg are coming.

  9. Yes, God Almighty created man & woman. Not for the same sex marriage, it's against God's word unless repent & leave the sin life behind. She's very brave & realized it's a sin. Plze help others to come bck to normal life in Christ Jesus…? ???

  10. Sodom and Gamorraeh's at best and how they mess kids up, but refuse to listen to the kids instead they listen to the selfishness of two adults.

  11. Justice Kennedy should have looked up the word santified when referring to all the gays just wanting marriage to be sanctified. The meaning of the word means to be Made Holy. That's not gonna happen.

  12. Children have a right to a mother and a father—female-and-male together relationships. Unfortunately, many men walk away from their responsibilities to provide for their children. The mother usually has to work outside the home and tries to be both mother and father at the same time. And if the mother walks away, then the children suffer terribly for lack of any real structured family. Yes, gays can provide love to a child. However, two men together or two women together as parents of a child does not provide the needed understanding of opposite sex viewpoints, relationships, or communications necessary to give a full-family experience to the child as he or she grows toward manhood or womanhood and to his/her possible marriage in the future. Classrooms cannot adequately teach married male-female relationships; husband and wife relationships must be learned by having a father and a mother of opposite sexes.

  13. Kids with gay parents dont grow up special valures we where Created for..Man values, mother values..Its not discrimination as is called, its a Sin..why the Bible guides to follow his laws, eventual consequences will abound..As being gay brings STD, past on soon becomes Epidimic..Any breaking of Gods law incurrs problems, or consequences.
    Along the things worsen, n becomes uncontrolable..diseases, life long of medical treatment, or ostrarize from the public..Mid.East country kill gays..In America prefer to guide them in Lords direction, in Repentence, too change..

  14. I'm not even a religious person but I believe that you CAN have parents with the same sex but you will never receive the same education like a kid with tradicional parents.

  15. Every gay, every homosexuals and lesbians know in their hearts that they r doing wrong… they just suppress it and keep doing it…

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