1. Says he doesn't cheat and then goes on to talk about all the sex he's paid for lol could've been dismissed as a joke but we all know why he got divorced.

  2. Man in 2019 I look at this like a simpler time.gay marriage.i said who cares.now I'm told I by guys in the bar if some dude who cut his dick and balls off wants to fuck I should be able to and not feel weird it's fucked up.the asshole is a slippery slope

  3. Caught my gf pooping…so I broke up with her
    She said shes off to pee while were watching a movie, now shes been gone 5 minutes and i knew something was up, i knocked on the door and asked if everything is ok, she said yes she'll be right out…her voice was labored and i became suspicious…so i yelled "IM COMING IN!' she screamed no but there was no stopping this, i smashed through the door and i see her sitting on the toilet seat, i told her to get the fuk up, she didnt so i threw her off, i looked inside the toilet…just as i suspected, a goddam log, bitch u better pray this isnt yours. i looked around and saw no pet in site, I KNOW THIS IS UR POOP U WHORE, she screamed at me that im crazy and that shes calling the cops, all the while toilet paper in her hands. i told her no need to call the cops, im breaking up with u u some kinda poop whore. and that was that. I feel like a new man and off to find a woman who doesnt poop.

  4. That is so sad, not only am I suppose to help take care of my women I need to help them with their bills too? Forget having relationships, I’m gonna have fun instead without impregnating any of them. Cornerstones to a happier life.

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