Christian group sends 25,000 DVDs to schools to attack ‘trans ideology’


A Christian lobby group claims it has sent a DVD warning against trans ‘ideology’ to all the UK’s public schools.

If the Truth in Science group’s claim is true, the 28-minute documentary, titled The Transgender Agenda, will have reached over 25,000 primary and secondary schools.

But the DVD – while it appears on face value to be based on science – actually includes unproven pseudoscientific claims and mistruths.

The creationist Truth in Science group also says it has sent the DVD to every serving Member of Parliament.

The group claims the documentary is a ‘scientific and compassionate response to an ideology that cannot be supported by science, namely transgenderism’.

In reality, many of the claims in the DVD are harmful.

Likewise, many are untrue, including the contributors’ central claim that being trans is a ‘mental health disorder’.

The World Health Organization and other experts have concluded that is not the case.

DVD could ‘slip through the net’

Meanwhile the DVD claims children – ‘the most vulnerable in our society’ – could be led astray by ‘transgender ideology’.

In a letter accompanying the DVD, the group says it ‘represents the voices of professionals who are deeply concerned about how vulnerable children are being subject to an unregulated live experiment that will rob them of the opportunity to become balanced, healthy adults’.

In fact, very few people receive medical intervention while still children. Those who do face long waiting lists and have to meet with doctors, including specialists, before accessing puberty-blocking drugs.

The treatment they do receive is reversible and has been established to be safe over many years.

By contrast, trans youths are far more likely to suffer from mental health issues including anxiety, depression, self harm and suicide attempts if they can’t access appropriate care.

Now local organizations are trying to ensure councils across the UK remove the DVD from schools.

Warwickshire Pride is one group that has expressed concern that the DVD ‘could slip through the net and be shown at schools’.

It adds: ‘At the moment we are working with Warwickshire County Council to help them get their recently removed Trans Toolkit for schools back in place in a revised form.

‘It’s a vital resource that will actually help and support young trans people.

‘This letter and DVD from Truth in Science will do the opposite.’


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