42 Comments on “Christian talks with a Buddhist- Gay Rights Activist”

  1. This is SO cool! I think as Christians we need to watch videos like this so that we can learn
    how to witness and to engage meaningfully, without compromise and with love.

  2. Yasss, Grace and truth written all over this conversation. I love his respect for this man. ..rarely seen in today's society. This video made me look inward and check some of my behaviors.

  3. that story about the pastor at 3:38 is a half truth – he was told on many times to not these things such as crossdressing wearing womens shoes etc . in private and the young brother would not listen so finally he addressed him in public . Research it its on the net. why are we tolerating what The AllMighty calls an abodmination and unseemly.

  4. thats a lie 4;00 – the bibles speaks about man and woman , The AllMighty did not create or loves those who sin against their bodies with no remorse or repentance.

  5. Wow, Preston, you are a quick thinker and are really smart. I love this interview. I wish that there were more examples like these for evangelism.

  6. Wow, so glad you mentioned your wife's book. It's doing so well on Amazon, praise God! I feel so blessed to be a part of this conversation and your videos!

  7. Great video! I've been witnessing on similar fashion to people on the street so the comment about taking Christ out of Christianity compared to taking the founders out of other religions was monumental! God bless you bro and I love watching your videos!
    In Christ,


  8. Sorry, but you are wrong in that "God" does not talk about the concept of sexuality at all in the Bible. Not in the original Hebrew or Greek texts. So you are dead wrong on all you say here.

  9. Lord, we thank you for Trevon, we ask that situations, the earth, the heavens, men and women alike all work in a divine orchestration to bring him to the point where he cries out that "Jesus is Lord"…… we pray that this seed sown by our brother preston begins to sprout through the darkness from the deepest parts of his being and may he never be able to shut up about his salvation until every single person around him catches the fire. Amen. lets thank God for Trevon guys. we receive him in Jesus Name

  10. I truly believe The Most High is pleased with you! I’m just coming back to Christ and i feel so far from this level! But I’m hopeful and God is faithful. You and your wife are truly blessings! Thank you for your works✨

  11. That pastor you were referring to, regarding the trans man, was 1000% correct. He's the shepherd of that church. It is his obligation as the leader of that ministry to address that foolishness for the congregation. I wish more pastors take a stand like he did. As a father I commend him. The boldness of the day we live in is astounding. The nerve of a he/she to come to church as if they're going to the club.

  12. Okay so wait…. He says be who you want to be. If you want to be racist be racist? Does that include people that don’t like homosexuality? It’s okay? Yet you are out in the world Protesting against that exact mindset.
    That confusion is the very reason this world is so BROKEN! There’s only ONE ANSWER- JESUS! That’s it!

  13. Why dont i ever run into one of this "apologist" . They think they slick by asking leading questions, NO. First question, do you pray? Yes who answers your prayer? God ok. Do you believe Muslims pray? Yes do you think they get their prayers answer? Yes….Do they serve the same God?

  14. Btw, Christians shouldn’t judge a gay person. Jesus didn’t and even went out of his way to heal one. At no time did he tell him he was wrong or that he wouldn’t heal him unless he changed.

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