Christian TV host says Rachel Maddow will lead a coup against Trump

Christian TV host says Rachel Maddow will lead a coup against Trump

Christian conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles | Photo: RWW/YouTube

Christian TV host Rick Wiles warned his fanbase that MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is preparing to lead a violent coup to overthrow Trump as president.


On 17 July, Wiles used his ‘TruNews’ television program to warn of this dangerous conspiracy. According to Right Wing Watch, Wiles stated that ‘a violent coup will take place within the next 72 hours. During which President Trump and his family will be dragged out of the White House and beheaded.’

Clearly, that did not happen.

‘Homosexualized’ America

Still, Wiles promoted this conspiracy after ranting about how Rachel Maddow and CNN’s Anderson Cooper are proof that America has been ‘homosexualized.’

‘She was spewing out, last night, calls for revolution,’ Wiles said of Maddow. ‘She was telling the left, “Take a deep breath, we’re at the moment, it’s coming, we’re almost there, we’re going to remove him from the White House.”’

He continued:

We’re about 72 hours—possibly 72 hours—from a coup. Be prepared that you’re going to turn on the television and see helicopters hovering over the roof of the White House with men clad in black repelling down ropes, entering into the White House. Be prepared for a shootout in the White House as Secret Service agents shoot commandos coming in to arrest President Trump. That is how close we are to a revolution. Be prepared for a mob — a leftist mob — to tear down the gates, the fence at the White House. And to go into the White House and to drag him out with his family and decapitate them on the lawn of the White House.’

Watch a clip of Wiles’s bizarre conspiracy below:

Anything else?

This is not the first time Rick Wiles has come up with homophobic conspiracy theories. He once said that the Antichrist will be a ‘homosexual Jew’. Also, he believes that Satan is using the phone game Pokemon Go to target churches. He claimed that Nazis were attempting to create a ‘homosexual race’ of soldiers. Additionally, back in 2014 during the Ebola outbreak, he said he hoped the virus would ‘solve’ America’s ‘problem’ with homosexuality.

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