2 Comments on “Christianity in the 21st Century: Get Over the Sex Thing, 10/18/2020”

  1. Love you Jon. Well thought-out advocacy to be more sexually active. However, I disagree several aspects of your position. First, I agree that the Christian sexual ethic is not well thought out nor defined, however, I do not believe that God is ok with us essentially being promiscuous or having sex "as long as it is love". On that note, what is love in this context? How can you love a stranger with sex that does not reflect commitment to a relationship? It does not make sense. Plus, when you get down to it, any sex out of true love (and I will define this shortly), is bad sex – promiscuous sex, lustful sex. God is always for love, but never for lust. There are different kinds of love. I love God as a friend; I love my parents as my parents; and I love my boyfriend as my boyfriend. But the last kind of love is much different than the previous two that I mention: I can engage in a type of activity (sex) with him because it is true love. I cannot engage in that same activity with God, my brother, my parents, or anyone else because again, those are different kinds of love than the one that I have with my boyfriend. Sex is meant to be an expression of a special kind of love, where you want to appreciate the other person – almost become one. It is not meant to be a way to "satisfy bodily hunger" with someone you are attracted to. That is lust and is empty and brings about guilt and shame for a reason. Anyways, I can go on but be happy to talk to you (again) or anyone else from the church about this. Thanks again for addressing such a difficult, but important, topic. God bless.

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