29 Comments on “Clint Finds Out About Tracie's Biggest Secret On Their Wedding Night | Love After Lockup”

  1. so messed up that she said those vows. don't say things you don't mean that is gonna tear him up and he's gonna be thinking ab her vows for a long time

  2. His mother breaks my heart. On his intro epi she coddled him like a ten year old. Giving him a credit card? Talking to him about what he wants to do with a convict chick he met on date a prison babe dot com like that’s NBD with his record. What was she convicted for she asks calmly like you might casually ask someone’s hair color! Hell no. When he said fraud and theft she just all “really? Hmmmmm. Well your credit card has a limit…”. No. Be a mom. Don’t give a car thief the keys to your car. Don’t give a crack addict a credit card! He continues to do this because no one tells him no. And it would have been better if she didn’t show up for the wedding.

  3. This show ruined any chance she had at this moment. She was almost there and the show just made her addiction a million times worse. I’m afraid she’s goin to OD here soon tbh

  4. I think he should be helping her with getting over her drug addiction instead of crying about her sickness like she's chronically cheating on him. She should have told him before hand but sickness and health baby, that's what marriage is about. They should help each other be better people instead of crying to mommy.

  5. "I'm not crying"
    "Yes you are, what's wrong?"
    Mama's always know!!! He seems so genuinely heartbroken, and you can hear in his moms voice it's breaking her heart too. Feel so sorry for him! :'(

  6. "I just wanted to let you know im fine
    … im not cryin"
    As he sobs hysterically and you can hear the snot flowing from his nostrils

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