CNN: Obama's 'evolving' position on same-sex marriage

CNN: Obama's 'evolving' position on same-sex marriage

CNN’s Anderson Cooper reports on how Pres. Obama’s views on same-sex marriage have changed over the years.



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  1. We see all the INSANE CRAP all around us, and we just take it lying down, we just let the Fuckers (Politicians, Corporations, War-Profiteers, Cops, Bankers, Wall-Street, Israel, Zionists, Globalists, AIPAC, CFR, Bilderberg, Pentagon, Congress, Neocons, Federal Reserve, Rothschild, Corporate Media, CEOs, Greed, Fascists, Religious Extremists, Lobbyists, Liars, Manipulators, Power-Mad Dictators, Tyrants, Greed-Infested Fucks, Deceivers), we just let them ALL Rape Us 24/7, & we do NOTHING.

  2. the comments speak volumes. I have a friend who I asked who he was voting for. he said obama. so i asked why.. he had no answer but was still gonna vote for him. thats the problem with america right now. so many are uninformed that its hard to combat the supidity that surrounds the facts about our current president..

  3. Or he was trying to get votes? And didn't know which side would get him the most votes? It's a possibility, I honestly don't care, as long as he does legalise gay marriage

  4. Obama was a "lover of homosexuality" when he lied to America and said he thought marriage was between one man and one woman. Thank God he's gone. Never again.

  5. 1:26 He should've continued to represent God and stand true to his original views, and not fall from faith in God's plan as he did once he got in Power, he now supports the devil's design to pervert & destroy the family dynamic of husband, wife, children. THIS MAKES HIM A LIAR & DECEIVER. Now What's to stop further evolving perverted interpretations as he's helping the world to get further away from God

    This isn't an issue of race or suffrage rights this is an issue of freedom to be perverted on a legal scale and the destruction, rebellion & reversal of all things Godly so that man can further create his own definition of goodness under the mask of his definition of love & legal civil rights.
    All men living equally is God's design, All men living perverted is NOT God's design.

    Satan's design is to pervert everything God has originally created, so satan creates counterfeit women (gay men) to mock God and counterfeit men (gay women) and now counterfeit family dynamic and he laughs as we agree in his style of government

    Nostradamus claimed disaster may strike in 2012, with world disasters of biblical magnitude

    On November 6, 2012, Maine, Maryland, and Washington became the first states to legalize same-sex marriage through popular vote.

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