Conservative Journalist Exposed Pretending To Board Up Santa Monica Business, Gets Dragged Online


A journalist for the Washington Examiner has deactivated her social media accounts after a video of her pretending to board up a Santa Monica, Ca., business went viral on Monday.

In the video, journalist Fiona McLaughlin could be seen posing with a power drill in hand as her boyfriend took a video.

“Good job guys, BLM!” she said to the camera as she staged the act of community service after Sunday’s protests turned into looting.

The woman then thanked a man and drove away in a black Mercedes.

McLaughlin was outed by New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz on Twitter shortly after the video clip started going viral with a post from actor Johnny Sibilly.

The video gained attention after being retweeted by Ava DuVernay who was then retweeted by LeBron James.

Following the backlash, her social media accounts were made private Monday before being deleted overnight, reports CBSLA.


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