TW: conversion therapy, sexual abuse, physical abuse, spiritual abuse, homophobia. Today we talk about conversion therapy, a controversial and abusive …




  1. I watch this video and realize that I was spiritually abused. I knew it was a very painful experience but I never put a title on it until I saw this video.

  2. This is truly such a sad topic for me. I started watching the video but I just can’t right now. I will later. With all the bad news it sort of feels like humanity is universally abhorrent and disappointing. I know that is not true it just feels that way.

  3. Until watching this I thought conversion therapy was rare, and only used by ultra fundie types, and pretty much kept on the down low.
    I knew about Mike Pence, but ANYthing co-signed by that guy is an ultra right-wing-nut perversion of Christianity. Or, so I thought.
    Is this more an American practice?
    Thank you, Jen.
    I love you 🥰

  4. i found you through duggar snark… i LOVE LOVE LOVE your content. i get the best of both worlds between that sub and your very factual run down of these topics!

  5. Conversion therapy should be illegal. I’m gay and when I came out on Facebook, my church pretty much wanted nothing to do with me. Coming out was the best decision I ever made, because it showed me who really loved me, and who really cared about me, and it saved me from being brainwashed by said church. Absolutely no regrets.

    But yeah, make conversion torture illegal.

  6. I am a straight, cis, white woman, who was born in and lives in a first world country. I have never been discriminated against because of who I am sexually attracted to. Knowing that other humans have perpetrated this "conversion therapy" against other humans makes me sick to my stomach and enrages me. It is disgusting beyond words. I am also an ex-christian so the fact these people are using their holy book (that used to be my holy book) to manipulate and abuse vulnerable people is repulsive. As the saying goes: If your religion tells you to hate certain people, you need a new religion.

  7. Yegods. That Tiktok. 😳 I do wonder what happens when some of these Fundies see “homogenized milk” or “Homo sapiens”.
    I’m gonna say- if someone sends their child to conversion therapy and/ or boots them out, I hope that someone fills their hateful ass with angry hornets.

  8. If you are a spiritual abuse survivor, I cannot stop recommending the book by Dr Marlene Winell ,Leaving the Fold: A Guide for Former Fundamentalists and Others Leaving Their Religion. The author coined the term "religious trauma syndrome" and shes been trying to bring awareness to the harm religion can do.As a spiritual abuse victim myself,I read that book and I never felt more understood.

  9. I know you are an atheist and because of that I want to say thank you for the grace and dignity that you brought to this topic. I’ve been powering through your videos the past few days and have been reluctantly avoiding this one. I am a bisexual Christian and even though I attend a wonderful, progressive church where everyone is welcome, this is still such a hurtful topic. I also have A LOT of mixed feelings when it comes to Jackie Hill Perry. Even though I don’t agree with her theology, I’m kind of a fan of her. I don’t know, I just feel strongly that although she is a victim of church abuse, she is a truly good person and a beautifully talented poet. Like I said…mixed feelings.

  10. And yet if you do these exact same methods to autistic children and call it “ABA,” people are all for it.

    Look it up. The same person who spearheaded gay conversion therapy (Lovaas) did the same for ABA.

  11. Hey Jenn have U ever heard of Stephen Fry, U should watch "Out There", it changed me forever, I was a religous straight person, left The Church, 1 thing let to another, found out about SF, and those Docs. That is what made me have my eyes opened, and I've been in 3 Pride Parades!!!! I finally got how bad it was out there, and I felt same!!!!! That is what changed me, to start out with!!!!!!! SF is amazing, check him out, sometimes!!!!! I LOVE U 2, Keep up the Great Work, and I love your work very much!!!!! I STAND WITH U!!!!!!

  12. I was working a flight with A Gay ex Mormon & A Gay Russian guy, The Mormon said the pray the gay away camp his parents sent him too was so Gay Confirming 😆 He said he never got so much 🍆, his first day there was a boy that said it was his 7th season lol, which at the time worried him because he wanted to be "fixed" then after a week he realized he wanted to come 😆… The Russian said there is no pray the gay away in Russia it's beat the gay away or Move the Fuck away

  13. Thank you for this video. I work with LGBTQIA+ people who have been through conversion therapy. We are fighting legislation in Oklahoma currently arguing religious freedom and parents rights in conversion therapy for minors.
    OKC has First Stone Ministries…they have released a documentary about “ex-gay”s. They do a lot of media about being pro religious freedom and the man who runs it is an “ex-gay”.
    I do want to clarify that when religious freedom people argue for protections, they do fight with data and studies that try to show that being gay comes from watching tv and having a tumblr (yes…really) and that there is no proof of a gay gene so you can’t say it’s genetic.

    Thank you again!

  14. I really enjoy watching your channel I grew up in a very very conservative strict Catholic family. Now I’m an adult and I’m gay and none of my brothers and sisters or parents talk to me. But I am very happy with my boyfriend and so I love hearing about these various cultish groups. So much of it is so familiar

  15. To anyone who feels like they will never be accepted, please know that there are always people out there that will support who you truly are. Unfortunately it's just a case of finding them.
    My church, although mainly comprised of middle-old aged white British people, had a transgender member and a boy that announced to the service he was gay, and was met with a round of applause. Another person in their 80s came out as trans after their wife passed because they realised they didn't want to live their entire life as someone their not. It was such a great community but as a neive child I guess I didn't realise that it was rare.

  16. At 13 and 17 I attempted to come out about my bisexuality my parents threatened to send me to one of these therapy centers 🤮 to this day at 24 I have recanted my claims to them and I’m still only out to my husband, my friends, and my aunt.. 😭

  17. You did a great job, but I could not finish this video. It reminded me too much of my childhood and the issues that I still deal with on a daily basis. Thank you for doing this video and raising awareness to this issue.

  18. Just started watching this and I am horrified by the opening statements alone! 😡 Beating someone with a bible?! Isn’t that sacreligious to them?! Dear God!!! That poor man! 😢

  19. I didn’t know I needed to see and hear this until I was feeling my heart break every time somebody’s story was being told. Thank you for reminding me that not everybody has access to unconditional love and acceptance. I knew about conversion/aversion therapy before watching your video and I always detested it and the people who used it to “cure” gay people, but this video touched my on a much deeper level. You helped me reflect upon my journey to agnosticism and solidified my determination to raise my daughter in a way that teaches her to be a good person, with or without religion, that treats everyone like a human being, not a collection of labels.

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