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  1. Homosexuality is a disorder, created by a warped cognition.

    Humans evolved with specific emotions and organs with a goal in mind. For instance, males developed penises for reproduction. How does nature encourage one to reproduce? Sexual attraction. How does nature encourage one to reproduce again after already done so? Sexual pleasure that releases dopamine that happens after release of sperm or female orgasm.

    Other forms of love exist just to develop social bonds which creates a herd group since humans are social animals. Males and females were not meant to have sex with the same sex. Friendship? Yes. Sex in the butt or fingering? No.

    Homosexuals that still have vaginas and penises are going against their natural evolution and experience feelings that are abnormal in how nature intended. Biology isn't perfect (yes, psychology is biology with behaviorism).

    It's a disorder through and through. Doesnt matter if it hurts the individual or not. A disorder is whenever your emotions are out of balance or do not serve their purpose.

  2. The people of prophet lut were destroyed near the dead sea for being Gay homosexual God created man for women God doesn't like mischief on earth so soon you will be sent a wrath too

  3. Lady gaga become lesbian because she was raped by 3 man at the age of 12 and that's why she hates man and become lesbian and that gay is saying I become gay because of lady gaga it mean he was raped by women

  4. Grewing with watching gay makes her gay it means there is a time everyone is gay and lesbian then what happened to our next generation?
    1.there is no baby
    2.there is baby with 2 dicks
    3.there is baby with 2 vagina
    4.jesus destroyed this world

  5. Am looking forward to a group in future who wants to marry a Animal, if someone says it's unnatural then they will say you are not too modern or your thoughts are not mature to understand the pure love. At the end love is love, am i correct guys (LGBTQ COMMUNITY)!!?

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  6. It still baffles me on why people become gay in the first place it just does not add up hiw can u possibly get turned on by somebody of ur own gender..?

  7. You stupid gay community have no idea what's ahead for you if Islam takes over good bye head. Trump trying to save you but your hate overcomes reason.

  8. Congratulations आप लोगों को न्याय मिला.
    अब बस, ट्रेन मे हमारे लौडे🍌 पकडणा छोडो🤣🤣

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