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  1. Sure, and part of that is understanding why people "build a culture on their sexual preference". When people feel disenfranchised they remove themselves from society. people will gravitate towards those that are like them and as a result communities and sub cultures are made. You made it sound like you thought gay culture was some sort of obnoxious attention seeking fad which can be pretty insulting. Shouldn't loud and proud gay people be accepted too?

  2. We tried Pagan marriage in pre-history it was a failure, Pagan's got gay married all the time and it destroyed society, that was also a time when sacrificing babies to the gods was also acceptable.

  3. Well – surrogacy for example is very controversial and objectionable to many people, especially if it is outsourced to third-world countries like India (no offense to Indians). Adoption also has its own problems, since Confucianism emphasizes biological lineage.

  4. People in the Mainland have had to rethink Confucian values ever since China's one child policy. Many have opted for the adoption of male children, or have pinned their hopes on their female heirs instead. I do know that many gay men do get married, and this results in extreme trauma – not only for their "wives", but also for their lovers, and children. The psychological trauma for all involved must surely be extreme.

  5. Certainly not. I am talking about the suffering of spouses who inevitably discover their husband or wife's sexuality. And also the spread of sexually transmitted diseases due to the inability for the married gay person to have a stable sexual relationship with only one person. And finally the inevitability of this psychological trauma =being visited upon the children. It is a recipe for social mayhem.

  6. Gay people are not "spreading all over the world" because every society on earth is at least 5 to ten percent homosexual (including members of your own family, whom you probably know nothing about). And gay people are not "entering society" – they are already part of society, and have been since the beginning of time. They just need laws to protect their legal rights. That is all. Calm down. Gay people want nothing from you. You have nothing to give.

  7. yes politicians don't care about gays, yes they are greedy, and when they believe moving toward a gay agenda WONT cost them an election, they will treat gays like sacks of money.

  8. "Rights" granted by the government in Taiwan don't matter. What matters in Taiwan is what goes on inside families and behind close doors. And believe me, while many in Taiwan say they agree with acceptance of gays, they would never ever accept it if their own family members were gay, ESPECIALLY their sons, whom traditional Chinese families rely on for income and continuation of their family. It will NEVER be accepted in this culture. Forget it.

  9. Taiwan, don't invite absolute misery upon yourself. Open your eyes to see the warnings upon your land.  Don't invite judgement from Heaven that you can't handle. Sodomy is an abomination! You will pay a price! Sin is not free.

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