Donald Trump Jr. ‘Under Criminal Investigation In DC’, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries Says


Donald Trump Jr., the outgoing president’s oldest son, is under criminal investigation in the District of Columbia, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries of New York said Tuesday.

Jeffries, a Democrat, made the announcement in a tweet but provided no further details.

“Donald Trump Jr. is now under criminal investigation in the District of Columbia,” Jeffries said.

“Keep the pressure on every single person who incited the violent attack on the Capitol,” he added.

Jeffries’ tweet comes as the backlash to last week’s deadly Capitol attack may see Trump Jr.’s father impeached for a second time in the House of Representatives.

It also comes after the Washington D.C. attorney general on Friday said that President Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani could be investigated over their alleged instigation of the riots at the Capitol building that left five people — including a police officer — dead.

“I think the question is, how far up does it go? Clearly, the Capitol was ground central in all of this mob’s behavior,” D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine said on “Good Morning America.”

“Donald Trump Jr., Giuliani, even the president of the United States, were calling on their supporters and hate groups to go to the Capitol and, in Rudy Giuliani’s words exercise ‘combat justice,’” he said.

“We’re going to investigate not only the mobsters but also those who invited the violence,” he said.


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