Drag Race UK split the internet with its final three


The Drag Race UK queens made over their sisters and mothers. (BBC)

Drag Race UK has found its final three after a makeover challenge that brought new meaning to family resemblance.

After seven weeks, six Brit Crew members, three Frock Destroyers and one pregnant queen, Drag Race UK is down to its final three.

To get there, Baga Chipz, The Vivienne, Divina De Campo and Cheryl Hole were given some extra special back-up, as they were joined by their relatives for a makeover challenge.

Divine was reunited with her sister Carys…

… as well as her unborn nephew.

The Vivienne was joined by her mum Cassie, and wasted no time asking her about the state of her tuppence, as you do.

Cheryl welcomed her sister Gina, who she rechristened Sissy Hole.

Baga made over her mum, Josie, into Sacka Spudz, but shocked her fellow queens (and viewers) with her harsh words.

On the main stage, Divina and her drag sister Delisha De Campo were crowned this week’s winners, despite Alan’s “sexy patio heater” critique.

Despite their best efforts, Cheryl and Baga landed in the bottom two – a decision which the internet was not at all happy about.

In the end, it was Cheryl’s turn to sashay away, leaving Divina, The Vivienne and Baga to compete for the title of the UK’s First Drag Race Superstar.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK concludes next Thursday on BBC iPlayer.


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