23 Comments on “DUP politician Ian Paisley on why he opposes gay marriage”

  1. Horrible man, his religion would put 50% of us in prison, is it not ok if I am gay, is it not ok if I believe Charles Darwin, if I fall of the face of the earth, I will come back to mr paisley until then he is just a religious extremist.

  2. Imagine Ian Paisley Jnr defending his position on the basis of his 'moral code'. What, it's ok to take holiday bribes and be the proud owner of the biggest expense tab in the whole of the UK Parliament? Taking from the public coffer and taking bribes to lobby is morally right, but same sex marriage under civil law is morally wrong? As far as I can figure, this man has very few morals and even less ability to put forward a cogent argument to defend his position. Sure, it's all Tony Blair's fault! Even that show his moral corruption – on the one hand he's saying it's Tony's fault for putting the petition of concern into Northern Ireland's constitution, and on the other he's saying, well, even if it's wrong, if it's there I'm going to use it as much as I like. He's a despicable piece of humankind.

  3. Marriage is ONLY between a man and a woman, so there is NO such thing as same sex marriage. There is NO law that stops sodomites getting married. It is their CHOICE not to marry and that is why they want to CHANGE THE DEFINITION OF MARRIAGE to suit themselves, but it will NOT happen because marriage is SET IN STONE – and no matter how many FALSE claims the sodomites make, they will NOT get their way. Fake marriage is exactly that – FAKE.

  4. The whole paisley family are filth, the fosters and the paisleys will have to move over to england when ireland is united.

  5. It's always someone else's fault!
    Drilled into their heads!
    Caller Steve is a ray of hope in a very dark sky!

  6. He's a bigot like his Dad.
    He a useless MP, he prefers to take free holidays & fleece the tax payers for expenses.
    During the 2010–2015 Parliament, Paisley claimed a total of £1,112,667 in expenses.

  7. I think Ian Paisley Junior was very restrained and calm under criticisms from the current PC society where if you dont conform to today's current society thrn you are labelled and frowned upon. The UK is based on a Christian ethos, so how about people respect views of other people who don't share the same view or toe the line of today's liberal views

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