Elizabeth Hurley Is a Messy Witch Who Loves Drama in New “Marvel’s Runaways” Trailer


Marvel has been rather hit-or-miss with television shows after Netflix unceremoniously canceled most of its offerings (which were at times pretty great). Disney+ promises to change that with a slew of new shows in the coming years, but Hulu has quietly had one of Marvel’s best TV adaptations all along: Runaways.

The series is about a group of teens who find out their parents are kinda evil and hiding some weird alien shit, so they end up running away and trying to bring their parents to justice. The show differs a bit from the comics, but it’s still fun, young, and queer.

We’ll see if we can say the same for Disney+’s Marvel roster.

In Runaways’ third and final season, the perennially snatched Elizabeth Hurley joins the cast as one of the big bads, Morgan le Fay. Based on an Arthurian legend, the Marvel version of Morgan is an immortal half-faerie with magic powers.

Hurley, to our great shock and delight, is not the first actress to slip into Morgan’s mystic Marvel cape—Arrested Development’s Jessica Walter played her in the 1978 Dr. Strange TV film. Which is a thing.

That’s right, Lucille Bluth was a Marvel villain. Was and is.

Morgan le Fay ain’t got nothin’ on her, but good luck, Liz. Check out the trailer for the final season of Marvel’s Runaways below.

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