Ellen walks out on a man’s proposal


Ellen opening an empty box

Ellen opened an empty box, symbolizing a straight man’s love for her. She was not happy.Photo: EllenTube screenshot

Ellen had some fun with a clip from the reality dating show Love Is Blind, editing herself in to serenade a straight man who then proposed to her.

Love Is Blind is a Netflix reality show where the contestants don’t see each other but talk to each other while in different rooms, seeing if they can fall in love with someone in just ten days.

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In a segment on her show, Ellen edited herself into the moment when contestant Damian Powers proposed to Giannina Gibelli.

She is talking to him about buying hand sanitizer and water over the weekend, when he offers her a gift… of an empty box.

“What the heck, Damian?” Ellen said, disgusted.

Well, the empty box symbolized how he wants to give her “all of me,” and Ellen broke out into “All of Me” by John Legend.

“I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you,” Damian said.

“Oh, this took a turn,” Ellen responded.

“Oh straight people,” she said as the left the room.

Ellen queered the show, which is very heterosexual.

One of the contestants, Carlton Morton, got engaged to his fiancee Diamond Jack through the show. The couples who got engaged on the show went on a retreat, and that’s where Morton told her that he’s bisexual. The moment turned into a shouting fight, and the couple didn’t stay for the whole retreat.

This led to Morton, who is black, getting a lot of negative comments on social media when the show was released on Netflix, and he posted on Instagram about the hatred he was receiving.

“I’m really done,” he wrote. “Black lives matter until it’s an LGBT Black life.”


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