Eric Trump Sparks Confusion By Declaring Himself To Be Part Of The LGBT Community


Donald Trump’s second son didn’t receive the kind of response he hoped for when he went on Fox News Tuesday to describe himself as a member of the LGBT community.

Eric Trump clumsily claimed kinship with the LGBTQ community during an appearance on “Fox and Friends” Tuesday morning, a claim that was immediately rejected and mocked online.

“The LGBT community, they are incredible,” Eric Trump said. “You should see how they come out for my father, every single day.”

But it’s what Eric said next that turned heads and became a Twitter talking point.

“I’m part of that community and we love the man,” he said.

Star Trek star George Takei was just one loud voice on social media that criticized Eric for failing to actually understand the community, which includes gay, transgender and non-binary people, among others.

“Eric Trump saying he’s “part of the LGBT” community is like me saying I’m part of the fantasy football community,” Takei, who is gay, wrote on Twitter Tuesday. “I might think I know what a ‘tight end’ and a ‘wide receiver’ are, but I would be sorely mistaken.”


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