Eric Trump Urges Minnesota Trump Supporters To ‘Get Out And Vote’ 7 Days After The Election


Donald Trump’s second-oldest son, Eric, took to Twitter Tuesday morning to urge Minnesota Trump supporters to “get out and vote” — a week after the polls closed.

The tweet, likely a wrongly scheduled tweet meant for last Tuesday, was deleted less than an hour after it was posted, but not before drawing ridicule across Twitter.

One user mockingly lamented: “When you schedule the tweet but it’s already after dad lost the election.”

Pennsylvania state representative Brian Sims replied: “BLURP: So the ‘team’ that scheduled a press conference at a landscaping business, and a tweet a week after the election, wants you to believe they’ve discovered fraud somewhere.”

Another tweet quipped: “Tired: We must know the winner on election day! Wired: We must continue voting a week after the election!”

The same user followed up with: “Hey, Eric. What’s the number for that voter fraud hotline? I need to report something.”

Writer Tony Posnanski posted: “Dammit! I guess Eric is the dumbest Trump child today.”

“Oh honey no not EVERY Tuesday,” another tweeted.

President-elect Joe Biden won the state of Minnesota in the 3 November election with 52.6 percent of the vote.


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