Evolution of gay marriage support in US

Evolution of gay marriage support in US

Attitudes on same sex-marriage have changed dramatically in just a few decades. CNN’s Jake Tapper reports. For more CNN videos, visit our site at …



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  1. I hope your son is gay so you will disown him and I will adopt him and be an accepting and loving father, something you clearly will not be.

  2. I know you say it's a rhetorical question, but I simply can't stand by whilst you make a complete fuckwit of yourself on youtube. The answer is no. You seem to be claiming that you're godlike, a cursory glance at your posting history reveals you to be nothing more than a small time bigot. I fully expect the reply along the lines of "I won't engage with mongrels" etc. Please try to dream up something more original.

  3. You ignorant, take a tour on any jail in the States. Its full of straight rapist, criminals, men who rape little girls, fathers who raped their daughters,

  4. Even though I have nothing to gain from being a supporter of gat marriage other than knowing I did the right thing by supporting it. I'm glad you guys and gals of future generations will not have to go threw the pain and suffering that many gays and lesbians have had to go threw.

  5. Hmm. It seems there must be at least a few other things that the U.S. represents since so many people want to immigrate here. Things like freedom and civil liberties, civil rights, opportunity, entrepreneurship.

  6. It's tough when the country's direction goes counter to one's own politics and principles. Me- I felt adrift when Bush was president. I didn't mean to imply the U.S. was the best place on the planet to immigrate to. This is just one survey, but the Reputation Institute just published their list of best countries in the world. Canada came out #1 (third year in a row), Australia was #4 and New Zealand #7, with the remaining slots going to Scandinavian and western European countries. U.S. was #22.

  7. How can you compare marriage equality to a moral downfall? Also though many of the things you mentioned are bad thing's, most of them are trivial and the more important thing's in societies like the murder rate, crime rate, etc. is what you should be focusing on and excluding blips like recessions & times after natural disasters, most industrial countries are seeing these real moral issues declining, yes not everything is getting better but the biggest issues are & gay marriage is a good thing

  8. that is true, they are important but I'm just saying, if you were enslaved or people were dying around you from disease, etc. like in older times thing's would be a lot worse, but anyways why do you consider gay marriage to be in that same moral-spectrum?

  9. Poor thing, you are Russian. You're country has deep hatred of the west in it entirety. It makes no sense for you make an appeal to us, on our colonial times.

    The problems that destroyed Rome are the same that faces you and us. Weak infrastructure, poor leadership, over expansion and time.

    Nothing can be born of your hatred. I do pity you. I hope one day the east and west will begin to understand each other.

    I'm so sorry that for now you have to remain full of hatred.

  10. Lol That was a cute tirade.

    Now that you have shown me you feel that way. Tell me what you are going to do about it?

    Western culture is wide spread. You can't destroy it all.

    A wise man would understand that. He would look for ways to incorporate morality into this culture, so that he could direct it.

    But I have a feeling you are just going to sit and cry as it progresses without you.

  11. TMBrd89, fucking u muslims. what are u trying make of country being gay, beacuse you make people support gay in U.S cause you pretend usa and For know you're been destroy America, you being american! we and 100% striaight people will gonna fight u to your ppl the wars, and would sweep out!…

  12. Love is not a sin. But I know hell is created by mankind because it's not real but at the same time it is because other people try to make other people's lives a living hell with no acceptance and just pain with being with another human. So let the lgbt people feel heaven and their share of lifetime happiness. This marriage is no different from the same old stuff.

  13. The US Supreme Court, A Universal Lesson in Constitutional Right
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    This essay studies the Case of California's Proposition 8 from its adoption by the voters in November 2008 to the most recent US Supreme Court ruling on June 26, 2013. This essay is essentially centered on the legal and constitutional side of the case and the arguments dealing with Amendment 14 to the US Supreme Court, Article III of teh US Constitution, and the concepts of due process of law, equal protection of the laws, strict scrutiny, standing, all concepts that should be universal in all legal and judiciary systems in the world. The case then provides the world with a full demonstration of these judicial human rights that in fact should define the concept of Habeas Corpus.
    This case deals with same-sex marriage in California. The US Supreme Court refused to rule on the constitutionality of Proposition 8. They vacated and remanded the Federal Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit's ruling on the case because the people speaking for the State of California did not have the necessary standing. That ruling indirectly affirms the ruling of the Federal District Court that had declared Proposition 8 unconstitutional. Though it does not create a legal void in California, this ruling encourages the ProtectMarriage organization to start a new round of legal proceedings in the California Supreme Court.
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  14. The rainbow was originally meant to be a symbol of promise by God that he would never destroy the whole earth by flood again. Now the devil has taken the symbol and perverted it in an abomination to our Father and creator. Where is Honor to God in all of this? Where is the church?? To provide guidance according to the word with love. Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed for this same behavior. What is to become of the United States of America? My God… Help us ALL!! The bible says that hell will enlarge itself. That means that a whole lot of people wont make it into heaven. Please consider your life. Come to Jesus. This may be your last invitation. Turn away from allll of your sins. homosexuality is not the only sin. But it is the one on the agenda today. Please…while there is a chance to escape hell. Because once you are there…you can not get out. Pack your bags and leave the life of sin far behind you…and run into the arms of Jesus. He is waiting. 

  15. I currently attend a Christian private school in Texas. I attend church most every Sunday, and am actuvrly involved in youth ministry. Some folks there–students, teachers, members, and parents alike–prohibit the "corrupted lifestyle" of gays. When someone started saying I was bisexual, I got verrrry nervous. But you know what I learned from that month of misery, shame, and whispering in 7th grade? That no matter what, love wins. People grew accustomed to it, and began to treat me and my girlfriend like any other couple. Yes, there's still haters out there… but that's not gonna stop our love. Love is love. Love isn't about gender or reproduction–it's about feeling safe and giving your life to another to make them happy and secure because that's what they make you feel. 🙂 I respect the opinions of people who disagree. I'm not going to scream that I'm right, so don't scream that I'm wrong. Don't scream that I'm condemned to Hell. Don't scream that crap at me. Just because you have a right to free speech and a right to posess an opinion, it doesn't mean you have the right to be an asshole. 🙂

  16. People supported gay marriage half ass. They supported it because they just didnt really care and they wanted to be nice. Everyone is just living their lives and just want to get on with it. Get it over with. Give them their rights and shut up, but the people dont really care. They have their own personal lives to worry about. Gay marriage isnt really anything.

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