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  1. Born in 1967 I have always felt love and support from my close family. Being Gay is Not something I would have choosen. It was not easy being teased and called names growing up. But No amount of bullying would have made me straight.
    I think its actually harder for homophobic people to grow and change than it is for GLBT people to accept and love ourselves.

  2. Ok ok watch this
    Boom- LGBT is not a choice, it's meant to be
    Bam- some LGBT ppl are Christians- get over it
    Ba-liking the same gender is not wrong
    Da-sex is more natural than marriage so is gay sex
    Bop- discrimination is wronger than being gay, if it was wrong.

  3. Ahaha ha haha
    The only people who aren’t getting wounds everyday are the people in California.
    I’m here in the south praying for god to let me see another day.
    In the Bible, Jesus died for our sins and since homosexuality is a “sin” then it’s washed away.
    I have gone somewhat insane from the tracks of blood dripping down my face as I’m shattered crying on the floor for something I did not choose in life.
    I keep getting violence on me for no reason other than I’m a pacifist gay person.
    I plan on getting a child using artificial ensemination and getting my boyfriend to do it too.
    I pray every night.
    I’ve marked all the times where the Bible contridicts itself and civil rights.
    I hold myself to chasity.
    I’ve only used self-defense.
    Please explain why I’m being punished for nothing?
    And please don’t bring the “But the Bible says” argument, the Bible says to love one another like family and also it does say black people should be slaves.

  4. I don't know why but the guy hiding behind a house plant made me burst out laughing it's an unusual style of interviewing. Usually they black out the faces or interview from an angle where they are not seen.

  5. It's hard for me to fully accept homosexuals when most child molesters are gay. Most cases of child molestation involves little boys with a gay man. No one EVER talks about this fact though. Rainbow on, sheep.

  6. Yes Homophobia is alive and well, and in my case, it is from other people and Gays themselves who attack me because my gay "rights" are not the same as theirs. As long as I conform to what other Gays think is "acceptable" then all is OK. But because I am in love with a man much older No that is illegal. I can move forward because of some law says I do not own my body, I do not have the right to express love because of a stupid birthdate. I am an A student been an avid activist in my schools for LGBTQ but my fighting for others right just has them turn to me and say I have none. Hypocrites

  7. A phobia is a fear of something. I do not fear gays. Let's get rid of this ridiculous made up terminology. I simply do not want nor need to know what anyone prefers behind their bedroom door. Gay or straight, keep that to yourself.

  8. Born in a Hindu Family in Calcutta West Bengal being engaged to my Australian partner I really really want to thank the yester generations in the western world who fought for our equality and also my family who accepted me and my partner for who we are and acknowledged us.

  9. I'm a Heterosexual Ally, and I support LGBTQ+ in every way possible. I feel proud that our community has strong people with different thoughts and unique sexualities. ALLY FOR LIFE~! ⚪⚫?️‍?

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