46 Comments on “Explaining Gay Rights to Indian Parents”

  1. Why is he so scandalized at the thought of being gay? I mean, if it's factually wrong, all he needs to say — all I would say — is "no I'm not," and leave it at that. I wouldn't care if someone thought I was gay… what difference does it make?

  2. I m big supporter of equal rights for all ,I explained that to my bro my mom ,my aunts and few kids around me(10yrs) and make them understand it is normal and they support them ,I was surprised that if u educate people they will understand.

  3. but if you were in prison for 5 yrs with bobba the love sponge and he showed his love to u for 4 years atleast like a hopeless romantic although you did not gave your consent so then can i be hompohobic (scared of faggots) without being homosexual ????????

  4. hahahahahaha this was the most wonderful , funny and mind blowing video I have ever seen .???
    these parents must proud their intelligent and a great type artist son.
    wow , how wonderfully you have played this role . ?
    Bravo ……. ???

  5. homophobes are closet gays. It's a fact. Cuz I was a homophobe and I actually was a gay and I recently came out of the dilemma

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