22 Comments on “Female Athlete Leads Gay Rights Movement”

  1. 25 Homosexual Pride Events Thoughout the Year

    1. Bobbing for Weiners at company picnic.
    2. Going every month for colonoscopy.
    3. Friday nights at Dress Barn sale.
    4. Going to Heart Concert
    5. Going to Cher Concert
    6. Going to Elton John concert
    7. Having Bohemian Rhapsody movie party
    8. New Kids On the Block tailgating
    9. Art Sale and Wine tasting
    10 Superbowl Halftime Show (No Game Watching)
    11. Property Brothers Marathons
    12. Gender Reveal Parties
    13. Game of Thrones Dress up parties
    14, Renaissance Fairs
    15. Rau Paul Karaoke
    16. Empire marathon with Jussie Smollet episodes
    17. Polk Street Sadomasochist Fair.
    18. Playing pocket pool at Kids Fair
    19. Night at the Opera.
    20. Going to see Hamilton
    21. Piercing and Tattoo shopping
    22. Spending whole month deciding what to wear at Pride Parade
    23. Shopping for edible lingerie
    24. Pedicures and Manicures.
    25. Spending time at local park restrooms and rest areas.

  2. just don't get why people feel they need to rub their (what should be) private lives into the faces of other. I could care less if someone is part of the Alphabet Soup crowd, but do I have to hear about it 24/7? Do your thing, live your life, and stop worrying so much about who knows you're whatever you are.

  3. Obviously written by a flaming liberal who likes when thing go his way, but stomps his feet when they don't.

  4. gay pride parade: A spectacle of bisexual, transgender and intersex culture of moral bankrupt sexual perverts, exhibitionist, and abnormally, who want you to think and believe they are normal!

  5. Add her name to the list of dead people in India, because those people don't play around with gays, or lesbianism. She'll most likely be kidnapped, raped, beaten , and tortured repeatedly like so many other females in her country of over a billion, yes a billion residents who only recently passed a law to stop criminalizing homosexuality.

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