Florida ‘KKKaren’ Filmed Hurling Racist Slurs At Black Landscaping Crew


A deranged white woman was caught on video hurling racist slurs and abuse at a black landscaping crew in Orlando, Florida.

While the nearly four-minute-long Instagram video does not show what led up to the racist outburst, it appears the woman was upset by the noise coming from the landscaping crew’s equipment.

“You f–king bitch,” the woman yelled a number of times as the uniformed crew — from A Cut Above The Rest landscapers — just smile and tell the camera: “This is the kind of shit we go through man.”

“We ain’t even doing nothing, we’re out here working in 94 degrees!” one crew member laments while continuing to smile.

“Have a blessed day ma’am!” one worker tells the woman as she continues to hurl racist abuse at them.

She is then seen charging at the work crew, yelling in his face: “F–k you you f–king n—-r bitch!”

“I knew it was coming… I ain’t even all the way Black, I’m Puerto Rican man!” the worker laments as he backs away from the woman.

“F–king Puerto Rican bitch,” the woman yells, apparently at another member of the crew.

As the crew works quickly to pack up their tools and prepare to move on to their next job, a neighbor approaches the woman and asks her to calm down.

“You just keep on repeating the same thing,” he chuckles before backing off as the woman directs her anger at him.

She can be heard demanding the neighbor “kick her ass” as the crew pulled away in their truck.

“I love you, God loves you,” one of the landscapers calls out to her as she storms after the truck, still hurling abuse. “You’re going to pass out in the sun! You gotta go into your house!”

“And stop winking at me!”

Orlando Police officers were seen detaining the woman after the racist attack. It is unclear if she was arrested.


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