Former child star Blake McIver calls Pose ‘Glee with a viral load’

Former child star Blake McIver calls Pose 'Glee with a viral load'

Blake McIver in the video for his 2015 gay anthem ‘This Is Who We Are’ | Photo: YouTube

Former child actor Black McIver, best known for his role as Waldo in the 1994 film The Little Rascals, is in hot water after Tweeting an offensive comment about hit FX show Pose.

What happened?

‘So POSE is just Glee with a viral load now?’ McIver Tweeted on Thursday, 25 July.

McIver's offensive Tweet

This attempt at a joke fell flat, and led to many Twitter users calling him out about how inappropriate it is to make an AIDS joke.

Some brought up the fact that McIver, who is gay himself, has made problematic comments like this in the past. For instance, back in January, when RENT Live was airing on Fox, McIver Tweeted about fans of the show being ‘opportunistic f*ggots.’ He later blamed that outburst on his own mental health issues.

Other LGBTI celebrities, including drag queen Vivacious, called McIver out.

The Tweet about Pose has since been deleted. In fact, it seems like McIver has deleted his entire Twitter account following the backlash. Additionally, his Facebook page also appears to have been removed.

Blake McIver

According to IMDB and Wikipedia, McIver hasn’t appeared in a film since 2004. He last appeared on television in 2014. Also a singer, he released his equality anthem titled ‘This Is Who We Are’ in July 2015.

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