45 Comments on “Frank's misconception of gay marriage”

  1. I was born bald, yet I have hair. Does that make me fake, since I've changed since then? No, the state of my hair doesn't matter about whether or not I'm a real person, as it's just another part of me.
    Sex is the same. It shouldn't matter, with the sole exception of the bedroom.

  2. Social roles, biological sex, sexual orientation, and more all make up a person's gender identification. You can't really "fake" it because it's ultimately the result of many genetic, environmental, and social factors. You come off as ignorant and uneducated, and aggressive towards people you don't understand. Please try to be more tolerant.

  3. i totally agree. i hate when someone says i'm a man in a woman's body or vice verse. it's disgusting and despicable.

  4. I'm a woman in a man's body 😀

    I could totally dig being a dude's chick, making him sammiches, watching him come home all sweaty from working so hard, and most importantly getting my rear plowed at the end of every night from him n_n.

    Yes i know i'm gross and a disgrace to gay males everywhere, so sue me ;_;

  5. Trans ppl arent freaks and what they go through is very real. Their brain chemistry is one gender and their body is another, its that simple. Oh and yes when a person blindy announces it to the world it is a lil weird, but most trans never do that as they just want to be a member of society.

  6. Actually there are many transgenders out there in the world having successful careers. I know that you dont understand the concept of what it means to be transgender but dont put them down for who they are. Only a hateful person would do that. Have a great and positive day 🙂

  7. you know what i'm going to do? i'm going to take your comment put it in the i don't give a fuck pocket then i'll get back to it at i don't give a shit o'clock. sounds good.

  8. I love how Frank not only doesn’t want to be the woman but also doesn’t want Charlie to be the woman. Show how much he respects him as a man and a person.

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