Gag on This: Why Some Gay Men Prefer Dudes With a Small D


Does size really matter?

In his latest NSFW-ish video, YouTube comedian Michael Henry joins fellow park queens Mike Millan and Chad Westbrook to argue his case in favor of small penises.

“I love ’em,” Henry says. “Much more than the large ones. I want to slop those slippery twigs right up.”

Meanwhile, his thirsty friends get off on “massive man meat” and “rearranged rectums.”

“I can do anything with a small D,” Henry insists. “When a man comes over and he’s got a big D, I’m honest with him. I let him know, ’You know, I can’t make you happy. You should probably just go home.’”

“I know my limits. I have big teeth and a small mouth. And excuse me for having a gag reflex. People are supposed to know when they’re choking.” As for his anus being a muscle? “I don’t feel like putting it to the test.”

Just try not to gag when you find out what these whores consider small.

Watch the video, directed and edited by Paul McGovern Jr., below.

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