30 Comments on “Gavin McInnes: Gay Marriage Was A Plot To Destroy Christianity”

  1. Wow! You really nailed him, with your smug OPINIONS not fact, and imitations of stupid people. You're an idiot and you have NOTHING to say. NOT ONE INSIGHT did you offer. Who pays for you?

  2. Oh lord. Gavin Gavin Gavin….sigh. Marriage Equality is actually about my long term partner and I having the option of getting married. It's definitely not about removing catholicism or Christianity because many of the gay people are members of these religions. sigh…..

  3. Marriage is actually a Christian religious institution. The law has simply appropriated this institution. The left are using this appropriation as a back door to make religion conform to their social mores.

  4. Kyle is being an idiot in this video and drawing a straw man argument Gavin is only against Gay marriage because gays were forcing priest to host their gay wedding and usually libertarian conservatives want the government out of marriage completely

  5. Petty af probably an atheist. Woww so edgy. Gays have been known to target traditional churches in order to sue them when they are told the church doesn't do gay weddings.

  6. rebellion is just so silly, trying to look cool by adhering to some ideology contrary to your parents (or society) just because, forget about reasoning, logic, critical thinking, let's just be the oppositte of the norm so we're cool

  7. "Catholic Mysticism" tee hee hee…. coming from a beta male who will probably get caught in a child molestation scandal in 14…nah, 8 months.

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