Gay conservative arrested for sending fake anthrax to New York gay bar


Nowhere Bar in New York City

Nowhere Bar in New York CityPhoto: Corporate website

Canadian Ameen Keshavjee has been arrested and charged with sending an unknown substance to a New York City gay bar in December. A letter included in the envelope falsely claimed the white powder was anthrax.

Keshavjee had been banned from Nowhere Bar for intimidating staff and sending multiple threatening emails to one employee. Police were able to identify Keshavjee as the perpetrator after discovering his credit card was used to purchase the stamp sent on the letter.

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Keshavjee’s emails included slurs and graphic death wishes for employees. One email included hopes that employees would die of AIDS and attacked them as “lefties” and Democrats.

“After the way you 3 three s–ts repeatedly harassed, bullied and intimidated me YOU LOW-LEVEL HUMAN garbage decided that **I** crossed a line???” Keshavjee emailed. “DIE OF AIDS, you leftie, hypocrite, democrat-voting FUCKS!!!!!!!!!”

The missive ended with a wish that Keshavjee could “piss on your coffins.”

“You miserable f-g s–t. U r a coward, picking on the quietest person in the shop. I hope [your partners] gives u AIDS,” another email read. “I miss my little spot. You fuck.”

Keshavjee could be jailed for up to five years and deported back to Canada.


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