Gay Man Shares His Mother’s Heartbreaking Religious Rant After Revealing He’s Engaged

A 21-year-old photographer has gone viral after sharing the heartbreaking phone conversation he had with his religious mother after he revealed he is now engaged to his boyfriend.

“This as I said IS SO HARD for me to share,” Henry Jimenez captioned the video of his conversation, which he shared on TikTok and Instagram.

The conversation between Jimenez and his mother, in Spanish but captioned in English, began with Jiminez struggling to find the words to tell his mother the big news. “What did I want to tell you…” the captions read.

He tells his mother that his boyfriend, Kasey Kerbox, proposed to him, and he said, “yes!”

“I want to invite you,” Jimenez explains to her, “but I know you don’t approve that I’m marrying my boyfriend.”

“I can’t believe you’re being serious about this,” his mother angrily replies. “Do you know that’s a sin in front of the eyes of God? Do you know that?”

Jimenez can be seen tearing up when his mother tells him, “those who will never get into God’s kingdom are men that sleep with men, and drunks, and adulterers because the bible says…”

The video shows Jimenez pleading with his mother to try to understand, saying, “I’m not gonna change, if that’s what you think!”

“You’re so wrong. You can’t see it but you’re so wrong,” she responds. “At what point did you meet that guy? That guy has blinded you, he doesn’t want anything to do with God.

“Every time you talk to me about that, you make me sad. You make me sicker than I already am,” she says.

When he tells her that he’ll talk to her later, his mother says: “The day I die, you are gonna be the one who kills me, because I’m always thinking about all the stuff you’ve done wrong.”

“You do wrong. You sin,” she continues, adding: “Think really hard about what you’re doing.”

“Think about it and don’t sin for Satan,” she says before Jimenez finally hangs up.

“I got a message from a kid telling how much he felt inspired after watching this and told his parents his biggest secret,” Jimenez wrote when posting the video to Instagram. “That makes me so happy and makes it all worth it.”

The video has been watched nearly 600,000 times on Instagram and Jimenez has been flooded with thousands of supportive messages from complete strangers.

Jimenez, who was born in Comalcalco, Mexico, and is based in Mexico City, said his boyfriend proposed to him on their recent trip to northern Alaska.

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