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  1. Define marriage, please. A man & a man cannot conceive. If you have rejected Biblical and social norms, why would you want to engage in a religious ceremony before God?

    The adjective marīt-us -a, -um meaning matrimonial or nuptial could also be used in the masculine form as a noun for "husband" and in the feminine form for "wife".[4]

  2. Marriage is garbage. Any straight or gay couple with a inkling of brain cells between them can figure this out. Take the state out of marriage and it becomes a personal symbolism, but when the state is involved it becomes a contractual obligation for the weaker of the partners to hold against the stronger.

    This leads to embitterment from the stronger spouse. It gives the weaker spouse incentive to not only continue being weaker, but to screw over the stronger spouse when they are no longer jumping through all the hoops they have inadvertently put up. The state should have never been involved with marriage to begin with, but hey when has that ever stopped them.

    Again, marriage is garbage.

  3. At 17:40 he starts questioning what would happen next with marriage.
    The pro gay marriage side of the argument trys to say "oh such a thing would never happen" when he looks at marriage being between two parties. Yet, we can look at what has happened in present time and see marriage can be literally anything now.

    Between a man and a woman, a man and a man, a woman and herself, a man and robot, even a woman marrying a ghost. It no longer holds any sacred ground that it claims to hold. If someone is reading this and has any sort of critical thinking ability they would be able to see this is the case.

    The joke is on all those who try to hold these same values true. As if we are still living in generations past. If your smart you won't get married, but if your a fool or utterly ignorant of what goes on around you, you will run towards it.

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