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  1. Who the fuck cares who someone marries? The only people it concerns are the people in the relationship. As long as people aren't infringing on other peoples' rights to do what they want they should be free to do whatever they want.

  2. I feel like O'Reilly would agree with the NC pastor who said to round up all of the gays and lesbians and put them in 100ft radius pens….but I could be wrong.

  3. a newer 2011 gallip poll says 53% of people support gay marriages. so should majority matter now? what about a right for cannibalism? sould that be allowed in the minority?

  4. can you read, or are you that stupid. i was making a statement about majority vs minority. if you weren't a over sensitive bitch, you would noticed that

  5. The value of marriage for heterosexuals is a horrid excuse for why traditional marriage should be kept. Not only is the divorce rate 50% for heterosexual marriages, but if elizabeth taylor can have 8 husbands i think i can have one. Value of marriage my ass. And no legalizing gay marriage does not mean polygamy will be legalized. The last time I checked you didnt decide to be straight just as I didnt decide to be gay which is how i know i was born this way and you cant tell me otherwise.

  6. many politicians. Since gay men are stereotypically perceived as effeminate, they are believed to bring down the dominant status of the male because they posses traits of the "weaker" sex. Butch lesbians are intimidating to men because they are threatening to a man's dominant role in society. In the end, who gives a damn who someone else marries, love is love, and love itself doesnt discriminate among people so why should you.

  7. If gay marriage is allowed then so must polygamy be?
    Bull! Bull bull and more bulls over the hill taking a crap.
    Being gay is a sexual orientation in which you're attracted to another person of the same sex. Polygamy is when you wed more than one person at the same time. It's not an alternate form of marriage at all, it's an extended one and one not bloody likely to be seen more than a few times per year, legal or not. Heck, it happens (albeit unofficially) all over the world.

  8. Remember to stand up to the Bill O'Reillys of the world this election day.

    In Maryland, Vote FOR on Question 6.

    In Washington State, Vote APPROVE on Referendum 74.

    In Maine, Vote YES on Question 1.

    In Minnesota, Vote NO on Hate Amendment 1.

    Thumb your nose at O'Reilly and back equality this year.

  9. Funny neither of them mentioned the quality of a marriage when talking about its supposed decline. People are getting more divorces these days because its become more socially acceptable to refuse be stuck in a loveless, often hostile relationship with anther person that simply masquerades around as a marriage. I'm all for commitment – but to a person that i love. To me – that's marriage. I do not care what a persons plumbing is.

  10. So he basically just chose the 'I'm not listening to anything youre saying, I am right regardless' stance. He might as well just debate with a brick. But the brick would still win.

  11. I dont see what the big deal is . How does gay marriage really bother anyone? So a man and a woman that dont love eachother can get married but a gay couple that do cant? Who is the one that actually said that marriage HAS to be between a man and a woman? It sounds like a religious decision to me. There is a seperation between church and state. Also it implies that anyone that is not a christian cant get married either. This should not be an issue.

  12. Wow, Bill O'Reilly sure would disagree with…Bill O'Reilly. Has he forgotten his own arguments, because these same arguments he is advocating here "aren't persuasive" to him now! I'm sure he's just "grown", coincidentally and conveniently, of late.

  13. why does barack HUSSIEN obama hate jesus.he is a muslim keyan socialist facsist and want to confiscate all of our guns like hitler..these marixst facist liberal communist want to force their beleifs on the rest of us.this country was founded on christianity so we should be able to force our religous beleifs on to the entire population. if these socialist liberals get gay marriage legalized its going to DESTROY my marriage! and im not going to have a gay marriage NO MATTER WHAT.

  14. I've learned that you will feel compelled to end your current marriage in favor of a new same sex partner should gay marriage be legalized… maybe its time for you to open the closet door and step on out!

  15. obamacare bill that was unconstitutional but activist judges passed anyway will make us all register our guns and the government will confiscate them and obamacare makes it illegal to own guns and obamacare makes traditonal marriage illegal….

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