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  1. Why people feel compelled to use the pic of a model for there profile pic is beyond me,look at me honey i am what i am i like cake so fucking what,you are what you are fat men love me

  2. *Laid down by a bunch of power hungry blokes over 2500 years ago. My science text book from high school is out of date and I finished 5 years ago!

  3. Sorry, I did not understand your comment at all. Seriously. Something about breastfeeding? Anyway, not everyone is Christian so why should non-christians be forced to follow some Christian law based on a book written over 2000 yrs ago, but written 40+ yrs after the main protagonists death by a bunch of randoms who had a vote about what chapters should be in this book. So no – its not the word of GOD. And it occurred during Roman times who were pretty open with homosexuality so….

  4. You lying pack of religious shits… I just discovered the Roman Catholic Church originally conducted GAY marriages but stop 1800 years ago as they felt it did not suit their agenda. ( ref; youtube 'Early Christian Church Performs Gay Marriage'). All this crap about it being some divine right between a man and a women is all lies!

  5. Beware Australia. The Gay lobby is professional, wealthy and ….. cunning. There is a lot of false information that they are spreading. Vote NO to homosexuals marrying…… and stop political correctness gone mad. Support our freedom of speech… and say NO to the Gay, Green and Socialist bigots who use hate speech to shut down anyone who opposes gays marrying. The Gay lobby is in a minority but they are loud & aggressive… They use hate speech and bigotry to attack normal Aussies. They are already trying to sexualise our primary school children by introducing them to gender identity, gay sex, sex toys, lesbianism and transexuals via the so called Safe schools program designed by hardcore Lesbian activist, Roz Ward from La Trobe University. Please be aware that this is only the start of their agenda…. they are in a process of threatening families and targeting our innocent children.

  6. I live my children but I don’t expect to marry them. Leave our institution alone. The media are all gays no wonder they want it. Not to mention want they have done to kids is disgusting.

  7. VOTE NO – If Australia allows same sex marriage, it's the beginning of terror and troubles for this nation. Those in the population who know God is real, know that God will begin to withdraw His protection from a nation the more it begins legalizing sinful lifestyles. Mark these words if you are a non-believer or atheist. Evidence is already abounding. The beginning of horrors have commenced in those countries which have legalized homosexual marriage i.e. U.K. & U.S. – increasing violence, terrorism and destructive weather. These are just the beginning of God's protection withdrawing. God does not continue protecting sinful people or nations. Sin is separation from God and opening up to evil and a downward slope. Australia has been blessed so far because God's protection is still present. Biblical prophecy is right on… predicting blatant, aggressive homosexuality in the end times. For Australia to be saved it must reject legalizing homosexuality, abortion, Islam, antisemitism. Whatever good this nation has had to date is because of its observance of Christian standards. If you vote yes, it's at your own peril and the nation's.

  8. Hey so long as the Religious rights, speech rights and parents rights to deicde their kids education is intact in the proposed bill I'm all cool with it
    Infact – we should all celebrate as straight men – by hiring dildo strippers and watching some high core lesbian show
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