23 Comments on “Gay Marriage in Catholic Ireland | Europe Ties The Knot | Euromaxx”

  1. this is the most discusting and scary thing I have ever seen gay act is really scary we are born female and male to build a family so what is the purpose for being gay simply to surrender top our passions which is against god will being gay is having no purpose in life the marriage will lead to destruction because god does not exist in this marriage and this marriage is empty … this is pure evil but the question is who did provoke this calamity and why well it is so simple may jesus open the minds of the freemasons

  2. and why the title is catholic Ireland this has nothing to do with catholic the pope was clear that being gay by choice is being outside the church this got to do with being a puppet of satan and his tools on earth

  3. gross-I"m not talking about your marriage, but the fact that you like to rub it in people's faces who don't agree with it. Catholics don't find gay marriage normal, but we don't disrespect you either… and you have to disrespect us… you put it in the title… you're nasty narcissists. Why else would you post that type of title?

  4. Truly, one of the best wedding vids I've seen, and I've watched a lot of them. I like the professional documentary style with the use of a camera on a drone to set some of the earlier scenes. The binding of the hands is an interesting tradition. Keep the bind strong, guys.

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