40 Comments on “Gay Marriage Legalized In All 50 States | Historic Expansion Of Freedom”

  1. Gay marriage is not marriage no matter how hard people try. The evolutionary definition of marriage includes a man and a woman. Marriage is as old as time itself. The purpose of marriage is neither about equality nor love. Marriage serves a purpose that is beyond the boundaries of the union itself. From an anthropological perspective, the primary purpose of marriage is union for the procreation of the human race. Think about it. Making a public commitment maximizes the chances that the offspring's parents will stay together. And evolution has dictated that offspring with both a mother and a father do best. If this weren't the case, nature wouldn't leave it to both a mom and a dad to make babies.

  2. What a cute and asinine explanation by cenk calling himself a progressive. Dumb liberal prissy panzi, you support feminism BLM and gay rights, all riddled with fallacies and hate.
    Major claims
    Wage gap

    Wage gap 77 cents on the dollar is a made up nonsensical number that holds no water. 1963 gender discrimination act, you can't be penalized based on male or female for the work you do. Any economist will tell you wage gap is a myth it holds no water only people that believe it are completely brainwashed idiots, do research and learn.
    Rape is not 1-4 if it was 1 in 4 on college campuses we would have the worst rape epidemic in the worlds history. In Islamic countries where rape is used as a war tactic it's less than 20%. You're telling me it's higher in America? Also DOJ says 1 in 52.6 if you like credible sources, which im sure most of you don't that watch this video.

  3. 2 hands doing good work are better than 1,000 clasped in prayer. That's a measurable fact contradicting your ridiculous claims of "faith". We all die and stay dead. That's life. I embrace my mortality. You can't accept yours. Not my problem.

  4. It's been about a year and a half since gay marriage has been legalized in all states. It makes me happy that when I finally find the love of my life I can marry her. I'm glad people are more accepting

  5. Job well done! I am happy the lgbt couples have the same matrimonial rights now like hetero people do. And, now it's time for lgbt singles and straight singles like us to stand up for our own rights: to fight against rampant singlism that employers, society, and the government slap against us with higher taxes, more long hours, lower wages, fewer benefits, having to pay more for the same things, fewer tax credits, fewer discounts, fewer vacation time, and all that bullshit we experience by republiCUNTS and demoCUNTS.

  6. Always hated the argument that this was a States rights issue or something the voters should decide. I'm glad I was able to get married without needing the "approval" of the majority of Texans. And I'm glad that me and my husband can travel anywhere in the country without worrying about if any given state recognizes our legal marriage. Obergefell was a long time coming!

  7. Why would 969 people dislike this? How does same sex equal marriage being legalized effect you in ANY way? You can’t tell people how to live their lives when you start paying their bills!!

  8. Why couldn't you strike down Christians using their business to for as platform and make them make wedding cakes for everyone gays included

  9. 3.5 years later. Churches are being forced to marry gays.
    Children age 6-8 are being taught about this filth and they are being urged to become gay.
    These kids are being sexualized. And now their pushing for the normalization of pedophelia

  10. I am disgusted, my daughter found this video and has just told me that
    she now believes that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality, I have
    worked hard to instill traditional christian values into my children and
    now you come along and wreck it with your disgusting promotion of this
    disgusting and unnatural lifestyle I demand that you take this video
    down before you indoctrinate more children into following such an
    immoral lifestyle or I will be calling the police and my lawyer to deal
    with this. I have spoken.

  11. Pedophiles will patiently wait for the next generation.   No logical reason to oppose sodomy marriage—–how about a biological fact—–the anus is a exit point, not a entry point.

  12. Uh yes they do have more rights they get special treatment more than the rest of us Americans! You guys are not saved. I pray that each of you get saved and born again and have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ! One of the worst days in history. The best day was election day 2016 and you all complained and moan and I love your stupidity and makes me laugh!

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