26 Comments on “Gay Marriage Legalized In Australia”

  1. Propaganda,
    3% only profess to be gay, unfortunately they are part of the richest 1% that lobby money to goverments and media,

    Do not make it seem like everyone is gay, they are not, just because the media pushes an agenda that is anti religion,

  2. Congratulations Aussies!! Well done!!
    Christians love and support you. <3
    As for the religitards, well they can take their religious ways and go crawl under a rock!
    Jesus was against the religious people, the pharisees in His day and so are we today!!

  3. australia is the number 1 for teabagging politics so that is why gays have to fight so hard there

    there is a lot of sexism towards females there as well thx for this ha bisky vid

  4. حكوك النسم في استرلية 奥大利亚人权 human rights in Australia droits d l'homme en Australies Австралия права человека derechos humanos en Australia

  5. You may not be aware that this is not a left/right issue in Australia. The gentleman who proposed to his partner in parliament is, in fact, a conservative on most issues – immigration, economic policy and so on. The few electorates who voted against gay marriage were in strong Labor Party seats, with a large amount of immigrants holding to traditional value systems. The strongest conservative seats like Wentworth in Sydney, which is Australia's wealthiest electorate and is the sitting Prime Minister's electorate, voted overwhelmingly for gay marriage. Also worth noting that one of Australia's most progressive prime ministers Paul Keating, who introduced Native Title for Aborigines and put in place many protections for working people, once said "you can't build a society on gay marriage". I am left leaning on economic policy and most social policy. But I agree with what Keating said.

  6. Why shouldn't gay people be allowed to be as miserable as everyone else? At least their relationships are not based solely on whoring themselves out for attention all the time

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