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  1. So Al Bundy was horrible to plus sized women and honestly women in general but he was kinda ok with gay dudes. We really shouldn't give that show too much credit for being progressive!

  2. Congratulations on an excellent analysis. I can remember what Al said to the husband at the dance hall. "You've got a man at home who can bake a potato like nobody's business." Interesting that you mention the show 'Roc' featuring a gay commitment ceremony because if my memory is correct that show was on Fox too. Fox network shows really were trendsetters in a lot of ways.

  3. Straight guy: You should be happy with that husband of yours and treat him right
    Gay guy: okay your right , you should tell your wife you love her
    Straight guy: mind your own business

    IDK but that is just so hilarious

  4. When it came to Blanches opinion on GG, I always thought she represented the "southern opinion" and Sophia was the wise (and wise cracking) voice of reason. So when Blanche is unsetteled by her brother, I just take it as HER ignorance, not the shows ignorance. Afterall, Sophia and Dorothy don't seem to have a problem with homosexuality.

  5. The late comedian Greg Giraldo said the funniest thing about the subject of marriage equality:
    “ I think gay people should be forced to get married! I’m sick of their happy go lucky lifestyle, they should be allowed to be as miserable as the rest of us. I walk by and i see these gay guys that look so healthy and great, its because they dont have somebody back at home that’s sucking the will to live out of them!”
    He goes on for a while and it is hilarious! Look up on YouTube ‘Greg Giraldo gay marriage” it is really funny. The guy was really funny and left life too soon.

  6. The gay bar reminds me of the nerd-hangout bar in Hackers. It's not like any place that actually exists – but a lot of viewers wish it did. The writer's imagine view of the sort of place they imagined hackers would meet – all neon, flashing lights, arcade machines and punk.

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