Gay Marriage RANT

Gay Marriage RANT

Happy for LGBTQ community, still hate the State. What is the TPP?? …



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  1. agree 100% , all this gay marriage stuff has monopolized everything.  While tpp and bill c-51(in canada) pass with nobody knowing what they are

  2. So I guess when assets are divided the woman or the man can throw out the other with no way of getting their money back. Please look up legal law and if your going to respond to this please state how assets should be handled. Because if you say contract than its government involved.

  3. I am just saying that normal people that use htis ranbow coloring on their pictures are the ones who wants attention, every sane person doesnt give a shit about who marries who, love is love and it goes all kinds of ways.

  4. Your statement that the American government is the most violent monopoly ever is absurd. Have you taken an economics class or world history? You're talking out of your butt. Look at what you have in your house, your anti-government view point is repugnant. You wouldn't have anything if it weren't for the American Government and neither would I.

  5. American business isn't controlled in the form of a government monopoly. Government monopoly is literally an economics term, Google it. America doesn't have a monopoly.

  6. Hell, after all the bullshit I went through on facebook and youtube I hear somebody thinking the same stuff as me. It's unfortunate how many people turn a blind eye to the manipulatory character of this whole approval. Too bad those americans don't ever think about all the weaponry the US army has stored in Romania, ready to attack Russia at any moment. The result of such a fight seems terrifying and sure as hell I wouldn't want my country to become the battlefield for such a bloody dispute. Judging by the nuclear arsenal America and Russia posses, we would be turned to ashes in a matter of days. But at least homo marriage has been approved so why bother to think about war and destruction? Peace is a distant dream after all!

  7. wow. shit. I actually never thought about it that way. holy fuck. my eyes have been opened now lol. Now I wanna see some sort of marriage reform activism

  8. I could argue that consent in this day and age isn't a justifiable cause for acceptance. As an INFJ, I am pretty attuned to mentality and nature of people; you probably wouldn't be surprised if I told you that most people lie to themselves more than they lie to the people around them. This isn't just a few people here and there; this is something I have experienced interacting with people for decades, all around the world. This is why the theory of cognitive dissonance is so prominent in modern society. People are quick to delude themselves as long as it gives them a convincing enough illusion of security or comfort. The reality of this of course, is that it is rare to find people who are truly secure; meaning, that at any moment their false barriers could come tumbling down. That is why you see so many people erratically jumping from one crazy social trend to the next. Internally they are weak and rely on external factors to offer them not just security, as I stated; but, also an identity. Imagine that, a massive portion of the population, has no way to individually distinguish themselves.

    Are people really "consenting," if they lack a fundamental understanding of whatever it is they are doing? You often hear the metaphor, "the blind leading the blind;" that pretty much summarizes my impressions of popular culture. When everyone changing their Facebook photos to rainbows, I couldn't help be feel the protagonist from I Am Legend; like I was the only human being left on the planet.

  9. keep in mind, the whole reason the federal/state governments got involved in regulating marriage stems from the Southern Democrat Jim Crow laws where the original point was to prevent black men from marrying white women.

  10. its time for the gov't to get out of the business of regulating marriages. the institution was created millenniums ago to foster the creation of family and child rearing. they are now destroying the institution and openly encouraging couples to go to war against each other, at the detriment of children.

    the result is massive increase in single parent family and dependency on public welfare.

  11. Society works better when we have a strong family unit, whatever that may be, gay dad's, gay mums, transsexual parents, a mum and a dad, 2 dad's. Giving equal rights to families, whatever their makeup is correct and should be congratulated, so I disagree Katy Khaos..

  12. My husband and I (heterosexual couple) got married and the first thing that people always ask me is, "well is it a legal marriage", and I say "yes it is a legal marriage because we say that we are married, there is not such a thing as an illegal marriage, we just never asked permission from the state because we do not see them as having authority over our relationship." Then they say, "yeah, but are you legally married," and then a do a face-palm.

  13. I'll never understand why people need the government involved with a marriage.

    Just get rid of marriage contracts(especially government's) altogether. Instead of trading wedding vows with "I do", just say "I love you".

  14. Argument "little problems don't matter as we have bigger problems buhuu stupid people who are happy about small problem being solved" is bit boring. I do too think that people should be more aware of the issues of our times but people rejoicing about small problem being solved doesn't take anything away from anything else.

  15. Just saying but Rainbows are Judeo-Christian. God created them after the flood of Noah so that people would not have to be scared when the rains came. That way try could look up and see the rainbow and know god had kept his promise not to flood the Earth again. And if you disagree then please inform me why most of Earth is covered in water because until then it was cause by Noah's flood.

  16. all i can say is you should have you're own tv show like that nightly one that people go on and ask questions and you just go on your soapbox about the subjects bc id deffinately watch it.

  17. That's how Rome fell. Do what ever you want, "Mary a Tree if you want". A tree would be a good parent? OUR Civilization, along with others, becomes worse, bad, more corrupt when you start thinking like that. I though you were smarter. With a GOOD society you have to have a BASE morality, ethics. It's OK to say a marriage is between a man and a Woman. Gays can have a Union. Words do mean something. We set up this to say to the people that the best "IDEA" is to have a man and a woman to be GOOD parents to their children. This way, a child can better understand the wold we live in that has MEN and WOMEN as the basic human relationships. Children DO BETTER with this scenario.
    Fist up, Fight for Truth.

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