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  1. Obama hand NOTHING to do with gays being able to get married, it was the supreme court who did that NOT Obama but than again he likes taking credit for things he didnt do, I am gay and married but he didnt make that happen, TRUMP 2020!!!

  2. You want to be gay goahead but stop trying to be equal! It is not the same! Fuck obama that pos will go in history as our best president and did nothing!

  3. Hey there Mr. OBOMIATION: Obviously, you have not taken any basic Human Anatomy courses ! STUPID !!!!! God made us Male, and Female. Any moron (EXCEPT YOU) can see that if they Have Half a brain. Too bad you don't have ANY BRAIN AT ALL !!! BOY !!!!

  4. I Want MY Rainbow BACK !! Who gave the QUEERS the right to pervert a Promise given to us by God, that he Wouod NEVER again destroy the Esrth by Flood ??? That Rainbow these Perverts have Stolen, and perverted belongs to ALL people on this Earth: Not to the Sexually AMORAL, MORALLY DESTITUTE FREAKS who have somehow managing to Slither out of their Slimey Holes into the Public Eye. Accept Them ? ME !!??? NEVER !!!!

  5. Why doesn't someone recall what God did to Sodom, And Gammorrhah, Pompei, Rome, and others ?? They seem to think it some kind of Fairy Tale (Not Queer tale). Why do they think God did that ? It was because there weren't even Ten Good people between those two cities of over Ine Milli9n People. That is WHY. Do they think God Wont do it again !?? He Not only CAN, but he WILL do it again. This time; Its Goimg to be a LOT WORSE !!! God only gave mankind Six Thousand Years to rule over his own affairs, but That Six Thousand years Is GONE. Look Up, and Look Out.

  6. WHO IS HE???
    (Could it be the anti-Christ)

    “And forces (riots) shall be mustered by him, and they shall defile the Sanctuary Fortress; then they shall TAKE AWAY the daily sacrifices, and place there the Abomination of Desolation.” “Those who do wickedly against the (Holy) Covenant he shall Corrupt with Flattery; But the people who know their GOD shall be Strong, and carry out Great Exploits.” “And those of the people who Understand shall Instruct many; yet for many days they shall fall by sword and flame, by captivity and plundering.” “Now when they fall, they shall be aided with a little help; but many shall join with them by intrigue (fraud).”
    “And some of those of Understanding shall fall, to refine them, purify them, and make them white, Until the time of the End; because it is still for the Appointed Time.”

    ““Then the king (ruler) shall do according to his own will: he shall exalt and magnify himself above every god, shall speak blasphemies against the GOD of gods, and shall prosper till the Wrath has been Accomplished; for what HAS BEEN determined Shall be Done.” “He shall regard Neither the GOD of his fathers nor the Desire of Women (a/homosexual), NOR regard any god; for he shall Exalt himself above them ALL.”
    Daniel 11:31 thru 37 NKJV Bible

  7. This is what started all the sjw b*******. Gay people could always get married a guy could get married to a girl and a girl could get married to a guy can anybody name me the first society that started marriage?

  8. And yet when this clown was senator he was against this very thing! Funny how he evolved on this issue and yet promised dreamers citizenship and gays marriage rights.. way to put the interest of the country first and foremost,! Ass hat!

  9. YASS (I KNOW THIS HAPPENED A FEW YEARS AGO BUT STILL YASSS) ?️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍?

  10. Trump is either practicing a new form of racism or his isn't a racist at all!?

    And if a picture is truly worth 1 thousand words… what shall we say to Obama posing and smiling with a man who religion teaches that ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE DEVILS?!

    1. 20 year old video on YouTube shows him denouncing David Duke.

    2.Trump received Ellis Island award with Muhammad Ali, and Rosa Parks.

    3. Trump received awards from Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton's organizations because of the job opportunities he provided black Americans.

    4.Trump rescued 3 black -American college students from facing hard prison time in China.

    5. Trump offered Chicago mayor assistance from federal law enforcement because of drug-related gang violence , the vast majority of victims are black , but the mayor declined , and the bodies keep dropping!

    6. Trump pardoned the very 1st black heavyweight boxing champ Jack Johnson. Barack Obama and Eric Holder refused when Johnson's family asked the same of them.

    7. Charter schools generally do better then Public Schools. Trump wants to offer this option to black parents , Obama was against this.

    8. President Trump gave more federal aide to HBCS then any other President , including Obama.

    9. Trump signed Ashanti Alert Act.

    10. Trump made MLK birthplace a national landmark.

    11.Trump signed so-called prison reform bill.

    12.Trump sought advice from prominent black Americans on how he could improve the quality of life for black Americans.

    If these kind of deeds makes Trump a racist , then I hope he does not change!☺

  11. what makes gay people think they can come into our church…and fuck it up, okay you want to be married under YHWH and Jesus Christ…why!?!? why don't they go and bug the muslims for a wedding

  12. Gays can't turn straight men into homosexuals. I am gay and don't want to marry men who will not respect and support me. You don't have to get married to be happy. I am glad that gays can marry legally in all states. This is 2019 and Trump recently banned transsexuals in the military. Let's get a democratic president in 2020!

  13. I’m killing myself, if I don’t reply it’s because I’m dead. There’s a reason why usbs can’t go into another usb, and why a usb dock cant go into another usb dock, if you catch my drift.

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