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  1. Marriage is not "for children". It is a union of two people who become one. Some people are born gay, some just choose to associate themselves as gay because of dysfunctional upbringing, finding they are accepted despite their subcultural norms, within the gay community, and truly believe they are fighting for equal rights. They simply don't understand that disintegrating boundaries between holy sanctimony and people's rights DO corrupt society and lead to pedophilia, beastiality, and tolerance of those things, as well. Government should have no part in it. People are sovereign beings. They don't need permission to do anything, or government approval, or acceptance by their neighbor. If you aren't comfortable enough in yourself to comprehend this, you deserve to be governed and oppressed by the very powers that do so. Live and let live, keep the fucking government out of it. Marriage doesn't mean equality. It's a license to kill a it is, anyway, once you turn in your marriage license. some people will never understand…

  2. you are very wrong gay marriage makes a mockery of marriage and although you think your thoughts are your own and know of course its wrong people succumb to societys pressures -it isnt loving people telling them the bad thing they are doing is good -you cant be convinced but God will show you one day

  3. The talk about civil unions was always very deceptive. Their was no chance in he** that a civil partnership type bill would get passed through US Congress or most State legislatures. Conservatives said this mainly to sound moderate to swing voters, but conservative politicians had zero interest in actually passing such a bill.

  4. One of the main reasons you can tell it's wrong is that marriage came from the Jewish culture, the same culture that says to put to death homosexuals. If I was a gay person I would want nothing to do with marriage because it has that connection, I would create something new, unless my goal was to further pervert truth. Its just weird having a penis created by the very same hormones that cause you to be attracted to the opposite sex but yet somehow you choose not to be. I'm tired of everyone not analyzing the choosing. As a little kid as soon as you can think you were making decisions forming yourself. This is proven scientifically, by glandular and rear lobe studies that interface our thoughts memories and emotions,and yes, even hormones and genetic outcome. Even Time Magazine did a front page article on this. You can change your genetics in your lifetime, just by thinking. Forcing wrong thoughts that take over the body. You guys all choose to fuck each other and to open your attractions to them. Perverting truth becoming perverts.

  5. What people don't understand is that anyone who believes that gay marriage is okay has been told it has not been processed just hey Gay marriage is okay oh cool I didn't know that so it must be fact even though it's only being said to justify my dick being in another man's anus which is built for releasing toxins nothing else

  6. Nothing is wrong with gay marriage. Nothing is wrong with being gay. Marriage itself is not wrong either. Its how the institutions of "homosexuality" and "marriage" are used so freely and trampled on, that the ideas of being gay or getting married is like a trend, or a "shock value faux paus" to separate instead of unite people, with what is true- humanity. Marriage is a temporary issue, with forms and forms, drama and more drama. Homosexuality was shamed and tabooed , and also a mental illness at one point in US history. These constructs need to be broken, so that a person in society, gay, in love , committed can be a whole individual- without these barriers.

  7. in 5:38 the news liners were talking about North Korea's preparation for nuclear weapons. While America is fighting this taboo faux paus trend, trying to be nice and cordial, North Korea was planning to attack. This division of petty protests is prime opening for future wars and attacks. oh well. Go trends

  8. When you trample on someone else's beliefs, an way of life for the sake of some1 else's beliefs an way of life…That's when it's gone to far ! I belive gays have all the rights to be who they are but to marry in a church is to trample on another man Beliefs . Not right its all got a bit out of hand this let's all hold hands bollocks !! …What's wrong with a civil marriage is it really that different ? ( some1 explain ) am sry is every1 blinded by this help the gay ppl be who they wanna be …irrrm what about the otherside!!..ppl gone mad !..lets trample on religion an people's way of life doesn't matter…does to me!

  9. If two people love each other and if they want to be married who cares! These people pay taxes, go about there everyday life's! Everybody deserves to be happy! We only live one life! So we should enjoy it! Be kind to each other and animals! It disturbs me that people are still homophobic in 2019! I find it strange! These people must not be happy in there own life's or relationship's, that they need to be concerned about other people's!

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