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  1. what if the world was gay marriage only, and straight marriage wasn't allowd? Take the point of view to there. Just because something to you is disgusting and enjoyable for others doesn't mean you can take their rights away. As long as it doesn't conclue to illegal law breaking.

  2. A clear majority of California voters has spoken. The California constitution must support what's in the bible. Leviticus and Deuteronomy are clear: "And whatsoever hath not fins and scales ye may not eat; it is unclean unto you." Now that the gay marriage question has been taken care of, it's time for the rest of the bible. Let's get shrimp out of our state. Think about it – do you want your kids to be taught that it's OK to eat that which hath not fins or scales?

  3. There is a little know right called the 1st amendment. Allowing gay marriage would violate the 1st Amendment and clog our courts with lawsuits. The only way is to allow for religious exemption,so that way it does not violate the US constitution. No priest,preacher,rabbi and Muslim cleric should be forced by government violate their right to worship.The ceremony could be carried out by county clerk. This would uphold the 1st Amendment from the Bills of Rights and the US Constitution.

  4. The sad truth is this. A majority of Americans are more concerned about how they are going make financially and how they are going keep food on their table than this issue. The US dollar is going to collapse soon. There people living in tent cities who have no hope. The last thing they want to think about is this issue. They need jobs and their right to exist comes first. We need to return to a gold standard and not fiat currency. Our country's economic health comes first and not gay marriage.

  5. The separation clause only applies to places that are secular in nature and to places that are public property. Churches,synagogues,mosque and other places of worship are private organizations. An Religious exception is the right way. This can be done with the justice of the peace. This should be at the discretion of a place of worship to decide such an issue and not the government's intrusion into religious matters.

  6. No where in the Constitution that was written by our forefathers had the word "God" in it. Thus the ban on gay marriage is discriminatory not only on that part, but also from the Declaration of Independence, which basically the plague of idiots (religious zealot Christians) think that it's alright to do so. It's not. We as homosexuals should have the right to marry. Why? Because it's no different than straight couples. How are we affecting you by getting married? Not in any way what so ever.

  7. Let me say this. I am not a Christian.Secondly, you are coming into their place of worship and violating their first amendment right by getting the government involved in their place of worship and allowing the government to decide what religious doctrine is OK. This is very dangerous and allows Church and state to be merged. Also, you would end up with a violation of the separation clause,as well.
    Our founding fathers knew that having the state involved into religious matters was a disaster.

  8. Firstly, Christians didn't invent Marriages. I will say this until I am blue in the face. There is something called handfasting. Ever heard of it? Second, what 9in10dotorg said. It is being challenged. Let's take your rights away and see how you feel.

  9. 1. Atheists do not appeciate you putting down their marraiage as a "civil union" any more than gays do. 2. Gay people aren't asking to get married in the biblical sense. They know we're a long way away from that. They just want to have equal rights under the law, not necessarily under the church.

  10. have no idea who those are and whom they stand for, but this is a good video! challenging many prejudices. It's an addition to the debate.
    However, I live in Amsterdam, and this debate has been closed and everyone's happy about it.

  11. @Alvaronavarro91 But tell me one thing, do you believe it's right to force a religious official to marry a gay couple if it goes against his beliefs?

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