33 Comments on “Gay rights: US and Kenyan presidents disagree”

  1. Obama was nothing more than a western liberal puppet sent to Africa to spread his gay agendas, those liberals failed to do it in russia and other countries in eastern europe. This is not about spreading gay rights but about spreading lgbtq decadency to africa which the eastern europeans were smart enough to say no to.

  2. We have many issues as African to copy from the the west like good governance, health insurance, eradicate poverty etc we haven't yet why are the imposing issues like this which is not part of our culture!?.

  3. The “values” bullshit as a thinly veiled defense of homophobia is so transparent. Also the entire comments section here proves that activism is still as necessary as it always has been.

  4. Love his response! America doesn't realise that other countries operate differently and have different laws and views and that the American system is not a template that will fit into all other countries or cultures and nor should it.

  5. Well said president. Although it is aspect of an individual's life, the bigger picture encompasses socio-economic development etc. Africans needn't concern themselves with issues that are a luxury to think about in so-called first world nations. If they have been able to injudiciously tip the mineral and economic scales in their favor for so long using all sorts of underhanded methods at Africa's expense, then we must focus on ourselves and not on furthering their obscured agendas

  6. I love our president Mr President Uhuru kenyatta this is a God fearing nation that respects the word of God which is against the homosexuality practices point blank period

  7. Obama misunderstands things, the gay people don''t want to be treated the same as other people, a man wants to use women toilets, violating our ladies privacy, they call that gay rights and they want to impose their moral decadence by force.

  8. A citizen of Africa is to obey ancestors not white people because of traffic light you idiot must we say thank you

    Talking rights who's that gay guy who reported rape? You are the gays on top of western gouvernements

  9. This man absolutely ignored black people for the two terms that he was president so miss me with this bullshit diatribe about treating people differently….Black people have always been treated differently and that was absolutely fine with Obama.

  10. Obama is from kenya anyway so he's not a legitimate u.s president, his wife is a transexual man. his homo ass was trying to corrupt all countries, that was the only thing on his mind.

  11. you Obama couldnt impose your heathcare, to American and what about white supermatie` calling yourself modern society ´ and yours death penalty . please you cant teache us for nothing.

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