Gay TikToker Under Fire After Mocking Starbucks Employee’s ‘Gayyyy’ Voice In Viral Video

A gay TikTok user has come under fire after sharing a video mocking a Starbucks employee’s voice for being too “gay.”

“Alright you guys, we’re gay but this dude at the drive-in window at Starbucks is gayyyyyyy,” TikToker Cameron Joseph Peña is heard telling the camera as he waits for his order in the drive-through lane.

“Alright have a good day,” Peña says to the camera, mocking the employee’s voice.

Peña then records the employee handing his friend their order as the employee says, “Have a good day. Thank you.”

“So I called it,” Peña tells the camera as the two friends laugh at the expense of the employee.

A copy of the video quickly went viral on Twitter and Peña’s social media accounts were flooded with angry messages calling him out.

“Scum, garbage, trash and shit,” wrote one Twitter user.

Peña deleted the video and set his TikTok account to private following the backlash.

He also took to Twitter to share an apology, but some Twitter users weren’t buying it after Peña was seen mocking the angry comments calling out his actions.

“If you’re really “sorry”; you’d actually go back 2 the boy you were making fun of & tell him what you did & apologize,” wrote one Twitter user in response to his apology. “But you won’t do that; because you’re not man enough. A real man is admitting when he makes mistakes; but genuinely learning from that instead of a fake apology.”

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