Gay Twitter Drags Cheerleader For MAGA Brainwashed Rant Claiming Trump Won Election

A champion cheerleader turned pro-Trump sycophant is being dragged by Gay Twitter after posting a deranged video this week attacking “liberals” and claiming Donald Trump will soon be declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election because of “fraud.”

“This isn’t over yet!” Christian Walker, the outspoken son of NFL and mixed martial arts legend, Herschel Walker, declared in a video addressed to “liberals” on Monday.

“Let me break this down for any liberals who are being a little boisterous and out of control today. Article 2, section 1 of the constitution, check into it,” he says in the video, before claiming that the Electoral College voting to affirm President-elect Joe Biden’s victory over President Trump on Monday was not the final word because Trump had sent his own slate of fake electors to vote for him.

“For your information, seven states sent their GOP electors to vote for Trump today,” Walker said. “This preserves President Trump’s right to remedy the fraud with his own electors. This isn’t over yet. That boisterous nasty spirit – that braggadocious spirit thinking you’ve won. I would take it down.”

“Also, AG Bill Barr was let go today. He was let go because he doesn’t do his job well and we are preparing for you to riot and be nuts,” he said attacking “liberals” just days after a mob of pro-Trump Proud Boys vandalized a black church in D.C. and set their “Black Lives Matter” banner on fire.

He continued: “So, I would take it down – I would study the constitution. I would look into that joint session that Congress has on Jan. 6 before you start celebrating. The important dates for the election are Jan. 6 and Jan. 20 which is the actual inauguration day. You’re celebrating early cuz you are hearing from the media this is over, well I’m just informing you that this Trump train is far from slowing down. This Trump Train isn’t even close to the finish line. You best prepare for four more years cuz we are building the wall!”

Walker’s Twitter is littered with tweets attacking liberals, Joe Biden, vaccines, and tips for black people, including this

Tip to Black People in 2020: You were never a slave. Stop complaining.

— Christian Walker (@ChristianWalk1r) December 14, 2020

“>vile tweet

from Dec. 14: “Tip to Black People in 2020: You were never a slave. Stop complaining.”

“It’s obvious from today that Trump is going to win,” he tweeted on Monday. “If Democrats took a break from begging for government handouts to read the constitution, they’d realize that this election isn’t over,” he added the following day.

On Wednesday Walker called on Biden “go ahead and concede. This is getting ridiculous.”

Gay Twitter was not having any of Walker’s antics, calling out the Log Cabin Republican member who has previously called Trump the most LGBTQ+ friendly candidate.

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