36 Comments on “Gay wedding by Marry Me Gay”

  1. it happens in church because they want to broke it up to the end and people think that the church is not helpful but let them do everything they want in the house of the lord. one day the owner of the church will remove them

  2. Well lady's that was a lovely wedding and I wish you both a life time of love and happiness you both look soooooooo beautiful . And for the haters opinions are like back sides we all have one so if your opinion is not nice keep it to yourself because all it dose is shows the whole world how ugly you are inside and out.Once again lady's well done and all the best xx

  3. Ppl we must mind our business but this is too much the pastor is even praying Which God said we can marry the same Gender Pray to God This days going to church is useless cos churches are now turning into businessess

  4. It's not wrong at all get a grip people and move into the 21st century for god's sake !!!. Why shouldn't they marry in church like anyone else if they want too. I think this church is wonderful and forward thinking not stuck in the past !! . GOD created LOVE .. full stop and as far as I'm concerned as long as ANY two people love and care for each other then that's all that matters. Life is so very short and there is so much terror and hate and discrimination in life today that when ANY ! People find love and caring and devotion to each other that is wonderful full stop. It's a shame there are so many biggots and people who are against change it's such a waste of life . Every congratulations to this couple and I hope in years to come more churches throw open there doors and are happy to embrace love with any couple. Xx.??

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