39 Comments on “Gay Wedding in ARTHUR! | Know What Your Kids Are Watching”

  1. This is why my kids don’t just WATCH tv… they have a select few programs that I allow them to view including the Christian programs Owlegories and Veggie Tales but mostly they watch Bible song videos and Cocomelon nursery rhyme songs on YouTube. That’s it. So this is NOT normal for my children and neither will it be seen as such.

  2. Truly when the bible says woe unto those that give suck (having young child) in the last days it was not a joke ….truly these are the last days

  3. You know what? Your evil scum god also won't let a man who injures his penis into heaven. The bible sounds more like a book of dictatorship than a book of love.

  4. These comments are actual cancer, damn. Hey, its 2019, would you get your religious heads out of your asses, and just let fictional characters love who they want? We're not "brainwashing" your special little snowflakes, we're teaching them about something completely normal. Jeez

  5. Hey led children are watching this let them grow up and find the secrets when they are older and this will make kids terrified of telivision and ther little minds will change forever. Got that…. no ofennse

  6. People need to learn that the bible meant that man shall not sleep with boy. They were against paedophiles not homosexuals. Read the Latin ffs

  7. Omfg the comment section has me smiling.I wonder how interesting it would be to have a gay person be in the same room with a religious nut for an hour.

  8. Behold! proofs! that we are living in the last days. For things that are wrong are right, and right wrong! Huh! Parents or should I say all of Christians nowadays should be more sober and vigilant. Cartoons are tools now being use to propagate evil. God bless us all!

  9. Not all gays look like they are going to a strip clubs.. just like like not all girl look like horse when they go to parties.. jesus stop making LGBTQ look like indecent people e

  10. Disney has just shown that they support abortions if their personell puts preassure on the issue. Bob Iger is ready to launch boycott to support abortions in Georgia. Disney is ready for medival-style baby murders (rip to pieces while still alive) to secure their profits. A company famous for children's content wants some children to die? Episode topic, anyone?

  11. people in the comments say they hate 'the gays' but they can't get God's dick out of their mouth. Who are the real gays now??????

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