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  1. Hahaha the madness of Satan is all over that place it's no longer a place of God it's now a temple of Satan and the false prophet that is spread its hatred of God's law using the guise of love Matt 7;15-20, but the good news is we still have a way out but the LGBTQ+ hates and refuses to admit same-gender sex is not on the way…?

  2. Hahaha Wow, talk about 'the temple of doom" I'm so sorry that you, people, think your "opinion" is above God's law forbidding same-gender sex, it's not that you have not been warned you choose to ignore the warning and think you can force others to do the same so you can feel justified… You think by declaring God's loving word's that clearly warn against you same-sex act hate speech you will convince others to side with you and stand with you against God, however, in your foolish declaration you have done the worse thing you could ever have done, you foolish people have Blasphemed the Holy Spirit of God and for doing that you have lost your one and only chance for redemption, you one and only chance to have eternal life…All I'm saying is stop trying to force me to go along with you, to 'embrace" support, help, stand with you and for you in your foolish defiance God's law against you.

    Your denial won't save you, your arrogance will be the cause of your destruction…???

  3. Hahaha the LGBTQ+P is EVIL and it is doomed to hellfire its temples of false prophecy that declare God's law against same-gender sex is hateful and flawed which is Blaspheme of the Holy Spirit of God and there's no coming back for that Mark 3;28-30, Rev 21:8-10, No priest, no pastor, no monk, no nun, no politician, no Judge, No court, no city, no country, no Government is above God's laws, they confirm 2Tim 4;4, they will gather around them a multitude of teachers to tell them what want to hear, they ignore "In God, we trust"…"One nation under God" remember when this country was in conflict with other world dominating factions but this country always came out "Ok" whelp, that's about to change this country has ignored and denied what it once claimed, what it once had faith in…The LGBTQ+and the nonbeliever is an example of how far this country has digressed to a cesspool of pure concentrated evil hiding behind the guise of love, they think they are the new prophecy, the new world, the new way, but they fail to see that their FOOLISHNESS was already prophesied all they are doing is fulfilling what was said and the consequences for their Disbelief and disobedience Rom 1;25-28, Rom 1;32, 1 Cor 6:9-11 that time is getting closer every day "GOD" sends.

    I praise him for his good judgment we have brought it on ourselves, the sad but funny part about this is some of you foolish, morons think you can build and equip an Army to do battle with the Lord and destroy him… News flash…He "allowed" us to do that once for our own sake, he's not going to do it again..Think about it, would you?

    ENOUGH is ENOUGH, that day is coming when the LGBTQ+ the unbelievers, and all evil do'ers will feel the wrath of the Lord who's prophecy will be fulfilled, YOU and your denial, your hatred of his law, your subversion, your propaganda in your attempt to abolish his law against your vile disgusting, unnatural and wicked lust for the same-sex, and your arrogance will see to that…?????????

  4. The many homophobic, hateful and unloving comments in this thread are unfortunately not unsurprising. Even the priest and his church gets unrespectful and stupid attacks. Let me remind these haters and bigots: He or she who is without sin among you, let him or she be the first to throw a stone. Hate is in hell. Love is in heaven.

  5. This is sick!! This doctrine of the Nicolaitans that Jesus said He hated in Revelations!! This is destroying God's law and destroying the human race! He never quoted a Bible verse!! This pastor is a wolf in sheeps clothing leading people straight to hell with his own doctrine! This is sickening!! This is a synagogue of satan like Jesus says to the church of Pergamos who practicedthe same doctrine smh! REPENT WHILE ITS NOT TO LATE!!!!

  6. Hahahh the Lord said Satan the false prophecy would do this and declare it is love and the word of God against it is hate the prophecy of the Lord will be fulfilled when this false prophet preacher and those two SODOMITES and all those who stand in agreement are cast into the lake of fire Rev 21:8-10…Amen, Aman…????

  7. These are the false churches in the last day. Replacing truth with lies. They were born of a man and woman but yet they lust for one another and deny the truth of how they got here.

    This is an unholy matrimony, this was ordained by their god who is satan. He is the god of confusion.

    They want to have what a biological straight man and woman have but only their actors. And in their hearts the answer they will always know is, yes, I am going to burn in hell because of this.

    There will be no gays in heaven/ the kingdom of The Most High God.

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